Already sold

(budjohn98s) #1
Perfect character, very well pumped skills
shield, armor, navigation,resource perfect.
npc corp,positive wallet,location high sec.
no kill rights,yearly remap 1
Price 65b

(Titan Fires) #2

65 Billion ISK right here

(budjohn98s) #3

well, if you are ready, I can do it right now :sunglasses:

(budjohn98s) #4

let me know when you are ready

(Titan Fires) #5

Ready now, sending ISK and account info now

(budjohn98s) #6

isk received

(budjohn98s) #7

The character transfer process has begun. Despite the fact that the character is still tied to your account, they can not play.
Character name: budjohn98s
Time to completion:: 04/15/2019 5:19:30