Strange buy orders

Just found a couple of buy orders that I can’t understand on a market perspective, maybe you can help me:

F-90 Compact Sensor Booster usually bought around 1600/1700isk on the below hubs:

buy order in Amarr for 7500 units @600k isk
buy order in Hek for 5000 units @800k isk

(also found another 2 diff items with 2 buy orders in Rens and Dodixie with this huge discrepancy regarding the usual market price but I can’t remember the items)

Just today I ran across a single run BPC of a ship selling for 80 mil. The ship itself sells for under 50 mil all over. Another contract had two of the same BPC’s priced at 800 mil.

At Dodixie 10mn Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner that usually have buy orders at 1265isk, today have abuy order for 4500 items @900k isk … and the sell orders are placed with the regular price around 89k

market manipulation or something that i’m not understanding?

People margin trade scamming. Check the contracts of some of the people trying to scam in local.

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sometimes when I see all those scammers at local chat I just try to imagine how they are in real life, wonder if they are also desonest as well

@Nunosh, look at the Min Quantity for those orders.

I noticed the minimum qtty, but for me the strange is really the price on those purchase orders

The word you’re looking for is “dishonest” and i suggest not thinking that way. people need to make money. scammers bet on greedy people making stupid decisions, so it’s more a form of natural selection. i wouldn’t run around killing people in real life for fun, even if i was allowed to, yet it’s my favourite hobby in the game. Good and Evil are just a matter of perspective anyway.

think about it this way: there’s a way for making money passively and people take advantage of it. for them you’d be a fool wasting your time mining (as example), which nets you a low income for the time you have to put into it.

Nevertheless they are still scammers and dishonest (being in Paris, thinking in portuguese and writing in English sometimes give us the ability of inventing new words lol), but I also agree with you regarding the greed issue

Anyway, my doubt was the purchase orders place on market, not the chat scammers since I hardly look at local de to spammers. I just found weird to see buy orders with huge prices on itens that always trade at low price (more than 400x the average price)

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