Is this kind of bot legal?

In Perimeter, in a certain citadel, there are orders of PLEX sale in batches of 10, all with the same quantity and price, and all placed in the same second. Obviously this is a very profitable way to manipulate a market, so my question is if such a bot is legal so i can use it ?

No bots are legal.

With multi-sell it is possible to make multiple sell orders at the exact same time now. It probably isn’t a bot, and if it is, it is a terrible bot.

But no, don’t use any automation. It is against the EULA you agreed to.

No bots are legal.
And I don’t know if the plex vault functions like a regular hangar, as far as stacks of plex.

But it’s possible to shift-drag a stack of 100 items and thus split it into stacks of 10 each, in your hangar, then select all, and I guess multi-sell all of them at the same time.
It would make more sense to me to sell the first 10 at some price, then the next 10 at a higher price, etc., so as the price moves up your orders get completed in succession.

It’s better to manage them in fluctuation sensitive prices, less risk when moving the total orders up and down in trade list (increase/decrease price), it is manipulating the market in some part, but more to protect the trader itself. (I could be wrong about this tho)

And if it is a bot, it’s not allowed.

Just hopping onto this thread. What about just straight up AFKing and coming back to pull chat logs? Or other ways you can AFK extract info?

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