sorry for childish SS, but just so all are aware someone is trying to drive the plex price up by placing 1 quantity orders in different stations around the forge.

please keep an eye on this!!!

(and can someone link this to reddit as my comment karma is -100 lol)

who cares though?

Looking at your screenshot closer, they’re all random 1 PLEX buy orders set to STATION range only. They have zero impact on the PLEX market. Just filter them out? How hard is that?

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Someone not paying attention would try to beat that buy order which would ultimately instantly buy out the lowest sells.

Good tactic

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Or it’s a new ganker tactic watch who sells in the nearest places to jita then hunt him down

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The best thing is, with some skills, they can do this never leaving Jita station. First time for you. I see this on daily bases, across all kinds of items.

So,… nothing happend… move along

Ok boss sorry boss I will move along because you told me too o7… :roll_eyes:

Haha :joy: :wink:

Water is wet.

It is not a real manipulation , juste hide the “real” price .

And there is a feature in your market windows limiting the display of orders in a number of jumps
to not be bothered by this .
And I see it works with some inobservant players

It is not like in the past with the wall-plex :smiley:

Just like your mom

It’s a miracle.

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