PLEX Futures

Here’s this idea out there for those of you with more capital than I.

You can sell PLEX futures. Here’s how you do it.

You make a new alt that is vouched by a trustworthy main. You stock up on cheap abyssals. For whatever price you decide to sell the PLEX future, you put a contract up for that abyssal and advertise. They will later create a (public so everybody can see) contract to sell the abyssal to you at 500 plex.

This doesn’t have high risk for the buyer: they can prove you promised them 500 plex through showing other people the abyssal and the public contract’s creation date. You have no risk of fraud at all (but the risk of PLEX prices going really high and losing money).

Someone with high capital and preferably the CEO of a very big/famous corporation, please make this a reality. (also, it’s quite interesting to see this in real eve)

There’s little to no way this financial instrument can actually exist in EVE.

All financial instruments in EVE fail for the same reason. There’s no enforceability and no way to sue and acquire damages from the offending party.

Futures has a limited purpose in real life to hedge against loss and uncertainty.

Few if any EVE players care about real risk. Where as most financial planning in the real world critically hinges on risk management.

So in the real world people actually care about futures, participating in them, and actually have a method of enforcement.

EVE sadly…does not.

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Nah, more convoluted schemes to scam.
Too many kids with no sense of responsibility in this game.

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