Wall Street bet style escapade

Is anyone intrested in playing some viral market games in eve? Might be nice to keep CCP on their toes.

No profits promised, we’ll just buy up stuff for maximum lolz & tearz in equal measure. PM me in game if you are intrested. I want serious capital in on this so either viral or several big wallet players. Just to see what CCP & playerbase does, think of it as playing WSB without risking real capital.

No profit promised just massive lolz.

what? how would buying up some modules “keep CCP on their toes”?


I got to agree with scoots here. I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

Now, I do find the the thought of banding together to manipulate prices and make a ton of money intriguing, but since that isn’t your goal, and since you don’t exactly inspire investor confidence, I think I’ll pass on throwing serious capital at your scheme.

But keep us posted on your progress. I’d be curious to find out how much of an impact you can make with the money you have. And, if nothing else, it should be entertaining.

If you have been following the US market this week you will be aware of what is happening with the Gamestop, AMC, Blackberry stock. He wants to try the same thing for the funs in Eve. Buy up and hold a specific product

That only works when short sellers HAVE to rebuy stocks, regardless of their prices.
I’m failing to see what part of that is reflected in the EVE market.

Yeah I was looking for items myself & other than plex & injectors there is not a single item with real scarcity that could not be redelivered 5 fold within 2 weeks, so not much point.

Plex could be bought up but meh CCP will just make plex sale, would be cool to see how low we could knock $ price for PLEX & how high would could increase ISK price, Message me in game if interested that’ll take some seriously bored & ISK rich eve players however.

It’s foolish that anyone thinks these sorts of shenanigans aren’t happening all the time. Even more so that you think what is seen on the market is an accurate representation of what exists and it’s actual value.

You have to be careful with the markets though… at best it will get CCP to intervene and fudge things up in some way or at worst it will get someone banned.

Imagine CCP change something because of an idea they had… player driven, indeed!

I understand this but what I mean is real cooperation to really hammer a market such as $GME but the only real viable option is PLEX, of course CCP will pump reserves but what happens when we hammer through it & just keep buying & buying and buying, tbh it would be best to wait for the Delve war to finish & a lul in eve.

…you think CCP changes the irl currnecy price for PLEX based off what it’s in-game price in ISK is? lmao

If anything we should be asking CCP to allow corp shares to be contractable / able to be put on market

Yes, yes I do. If you smash plex price up in ISK CCP will devalue $ after artificially creating plex in game, they’ve done so in past

Might as well YOLO platinum since there’s no silver in game.

Silver is fake news, peddled by those heavily shorted in $GME. Just goes to show anything is for sale nowadays.

Silver infact inverts Citadel, Melvin & their lenders short on $GME. If you want to damage Citadel the worst thing you could do is buy silver.

It was a good play by Citadel & buying add space in every western large media must have cost them every favour & ounce of cash they have left.

You can buy propganda pieces front centre page on the BBC website, it is well known they peddle for political favour but it seems execs at the beeb take hard cash or equivalent for headline space now, well at least from Melvin ltd,

In the end the regulators will step in and save Melvin unless they save themselves with their disinformation campaign. The prefrence no regulation or they’ll damage Wall st, rep in the mind of every independent trader.

Plenty of rich investors have already stepped in and thrown cash to bail out the hedge fund and robinhood. It’s funny watching people snatch up silver at $40 an ounce though.

Let them, that is the point.

Regulators have a choice and this could go all the way to step 4,

  1. Disinformation campaign and get retail to sell $GME, a.k.a “buy silver”. Can’t fault em.

  2. Close the market as RobinHood did (basically kill wall street retail trading overnight, we only “trade losses to you.”). This is not an option expect robin hood ceo to get 12 months for even trying this.

  3. Let it play out, Citadel, goes bust, rh goes bust, Melvin goes bust & $gme get penny in the share. You could also bust all the aboves lenders. You could then call it quits at that or go to step 4.

  4. The federal reserve is going to bail everyone out including $GME share holders, Melvin and their lenders.

If option one fails I feel option 4 is a given, who cares goverment debt & now owing to pandemic retails debt is never being paid off. Goverment is giving cash to small business not to trade so might as swell spunk a few bill or trill to $GME holders.

The funny thing is $GME is a zombie company & everyone knows this but “we like the stock”, hahha.

You can’t do this in Eve because there is no mechanic or incentive for anyone to “lend” any assets in order to bet on the price changing. Items have to actually trade hands. The nearest thing to it is manipulating the prices of items which happens all the time but it’s best to do that with a trusted group of people (or by yourself) not with strangers. And certainly not on a public forum.

There are loads of items you can do it with but yeah, 2 weeks is unrealistic. That would require insane capital and commitment. A day or two is more sensible and you can make a lot of money in a few days. Choose items that can’t be produced for best effect. In fact, it’s quite a good time for something like this while scarcity is going on as many people have stopped ratting so there will be opportunities with items that are only seeded as loot.

It’s possible to do it with producable items also - there is just a higher risk that people will outproduce you and you have a much smaller window of opportunity.

Could’ve made a killing on platinum.

This is intresting. I like this idea. Once i get my income lvls up to were i want it at 125bil or more i may be up for doing this!

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125bn is not enough unless we get 100’s onboard it would take several trillion isk players to make this work.

125bn in your wallet/assets is pretty meh, nowadays, it is creeping into space middle class.

<10bn Space poverty
<100bn Space Pleb
< 1tn Space working class Joe
< 10tn Space middle class

Above 10tn is rich, I am not rich enougth to break down further.