Wall Street bet style escapade

He is richest who is content with the least.


Nobody, NOBODY in their sane mind is shorting silver where it is now

Go read the CoT if you want to see positions

That’s not exactly true. My cousin sold all his silver recently in order to finish building his house. He seems sane. Mostly.

multi year decade or more long 1000% upside on a C&H right back to the 80’s on monthly bars on log scale in a strong uptrend

The CoT is the Commitment of Traders, their positions on futures, it’s a delayed report

That means fiat is going to the purchasing power crapper in the long term with inflation and more monetary base printing

So I will pay at the gas station with silver bars?

Well, not sure I would be investing in Wind Turbines in Texas in Winter

Pretty sure they don’t spin too well in 1. windy weather and 2. frozen temps (also broke their global warming narritive)

Whomever bought into that is dumber than dumb, whomever spend your tax money on that needs to be fired and hauled before a committee

These people really belong on wallstreetbets.

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No they don’t. I’m there and have been for quite awhile, these guys wouldn’t belong with how the conversation is going. It’s not stupid enough, no memes, and it’s too dang PG.

Surely you can concoct a more intriguing scam than this, right?

You promise laughs and tears - I do not doubt it. Whichever fool invests in this endeavor shall surely tear up as you have your “lolz” at his/her expense.