Getting the CSM to recommend the scraping of HyperNet Relay for functioning stocks and futures securities

Hypernet Relay has zero sum issues, and as a security (if that was the intended tool for players it was designed to be) is rather awful. Also, the capital flow just seems meant to evaporate ISK out of the Eve economy. Finally, it is full on casino, with all the social issues that can bring.


Functioning stock market, with shares, to be wealth management securities and give players something other than PLEX to get their capital out of ISK, and commodities. Will help be a pseudo drain by creating a place to put capital to work, in a diversified fashion, but also on the sidelines to change amount of ISK in circulation. I.E., another lever for addressing inflationary / deflationary pressures in Eve.

Functioning forwards/futures contracts, that actually do speculation not gambling. The risk of commodity prices exists no matter what, therefore the productization of it is speculation (not gambling where risk is introduced by the act such as a coin toss uncertainty). Also, despite what some say, futures markets are not zero-sum game as willing buyers and sellers clear the market and exchange takes place. This is much more desirable to both the player base, and CCP, over zero-sum issues that HyperNet Relay introduces. And as above, a better lever for everyone as market participants benefit from efficient market hypothesis, by the market clearing realities of daily settlements, i.e., sanity checking on commodities supply and demand for a longer time frame than the immediate regional markets.

Finally, introducing securities like these in Eve offer substantial risk that require due diligence, but also great potential reward.

Working as intended.


It was not designed to be a security. It’s a raffle system.


I swear didn’t you make a thread like this already?

Just now using another angle?

Bro peeps used to make their own IPOs all the time.

Just dew it.

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that was someone else, though the OP here did have a topic on MLM’s.

Mm I’m calling it that was an alt haha.

Oh man.

I don’t get why he just doesn’t do IPOs like back in the day, scam or otherwise.

I guess there isn’t much room for discussion or further interaction with the CSM on the matter than. Thanks for your time.

considering its not what you thought it was, and its just a giant raffle system, then i guess not.

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Why the dig?

You can literally do your own IPO.

Why wait on CCP?

Why would I want to engage in an IPO? I am not looking to raise capital for a business venture. Not sure how it relates to the OP.

Because people sold it as stocks ROFL.

Look bro, Hypenet is here to stay.

In the past, peeps made it work.

Ain’t our fault your lazy and want daddy CCP to do it for you.

Maybe you could stop for a minute, realize there are other people on the side of a screen, and perhaps have a dialog with them on what was said, not engage in ad hominem like this?

Now what specifically, is it from the OP, you are taking as asking CCP to do something for me, specifically?

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Or maybe you could realize you could already literally do it in game, it’d just take yennoe, playing.

Bro, you’re literally asking CCP to do something for you ROFL.

And if the words hurt you bro, the internet is not for you.

It is not a matter of words hurting.

Look where you are a moment. A forum for proposing ideas, discussing, trying to engage with representation. Look how you are replying, calling people lazy, taking a generally hostile tone, engaging in ad hominem.

Maybe you need to step back a little, think over how, or why, you are wanting to interact with others here. I don’t think with anything you posted it is in regard to what was actually in the OP.

And as for your points,

Where is there anything like a formal system for stocks in game, with price discovery, by a sort of exchange floor? Everything or more or less OTC (over the counter) trade in Eve. OTC versus an exchange mechanism for stocks and futures contracts is quite differing.

I am discussing an idea, laying out reasoning on it. One of the very purposes of this specific sub forum. What sort of point are you making saying it is ‘lazy’ to make a suggestion to CCP for something to add into the game that will take work on their side? Suggestions that stats on a fitting be changed, takes work on CCP’s side, is everyone that ask for that lazy cause they just do not take it for what it is in game and play that way?

As for the last, yet again, you’re demonstrating that there is some sort of issue, or challenge you are having in engaging with others. This isn’t in game, all you are doing with engagement in ad hominem is demonstrating there is likely little point to using this forum. You’re not winning a competition of any sort.

I am sorry for you, I wish you success in trying to work out why you need to engage with strangers, from a place of anonymity, like this.

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you’re not the first person to suggest something like this, and won’t be the last… CCP apparently has no intentions of adding anything like this.

and 1 CSM rep has already told you what your idea of the hypernet is, is not in actuality what it is… its a raffle. plain and purely simple.

you are making it seem like its more than it is…

do you need more than 1 csm to tell you that? The most you’ll get to answer you is 2… CSM doesn’t visit the forums… and I’m sure the other one, will agree with the first one.

Are you some manner of regulator for people wishing to take ideas to the CSM and interact with them?

So, if I am not the first person to suggest it, and won’t be the last, and since you seem quite certain on it, doesn’t that imply that there is a part of the player base interested in having a system like this? So why are you looking to create unproductive interference, with not one word as a critique or suggestion for altering the idea, or giving feedback for alternatives, existing mechanism, etc?

Also, when announced, it was described as, “something future forward […] a trading paradigm that can be used for wealth redistribution that can be used in New Eden, but also in reality”

Stocks and futures contract cover that same ground, do it better actually, than a raffle system would. Its why the world settled on them as the financial instruments they are, over a lottery. So, if that was at one point the purpose for the Hypernet Relay, what is wrong with assuming CCP is actually trying to find ways to put more advanced, effective, and over all better tools in the game?

As for your other points. I thanked them for their time, after replying to the idea. What are you actually, since you replied after that looking to accomplish, other than trying to insert yourself into a role you do not have?

This whole concept seems like a ton of work, and I don’t know exactly what the benefit of it is. The market already provides investment opportunities as it is, not sure exactly what betting a certain item will go up or will go down - especially when that can often be easily gameable and there aren’t any regulatory bodies to stop it - provides in terms of gameplay.


Normalization of contracts, with exchange rules in the form of contract specification, with publicly visible clearing, is a substantial benefit. Helps create the scales of economy and scope needed to develop a more robust and less ISK, PLEX, commodity holding cycle. As for the investment opportunities provided, it would democratize them, by moving away from a solely OCT market to an exchange one, increasing the market efficiency, and access. As for trying to be ‘bigger than the market’, with regard to commodity prices in a forward contract, if exchange margin is set up, no that doesn’t happen, as it results in over leveraging by parties attempting it. Most of the regulatory side would be in contract definition.

Would it be a fair amount of work, yes. Would it need to start from scratch? No, could by and large duplicate the high-level parts from the CME or NYSE trader books, and fit to Eve. Would most likely be an extension to the contract system, by introducing specialized subcontracts that handle margin, physical delivery, expiration date, etc. With one developer, and the in-house economist, most of the backend work could be accomplished over a generous time period as a long-term lower priority project of over a year with gradual deliverables to allow market impact to be monitored and adjusted with their roll outs. Will also allow player base to preform due diligence for understanding the new market tools, their potential, risk, etc.

Bro? This is the interwebs. And the EVE Online forum.

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You are making out like this is the Senate in middle of Rome and you are making a plea on the floor for us to make war on Gaul or something bruv.

Relax, it ain’t that serious :smiley:

Lemme try again. People have already done this in similar ways in the past, without daddy CCP. You could, by effort and playing, do the same. However its clear you won’t and you want daddy CCP to do it for you.

Ergo, you do not deserve it :smiley:

He obv doesn’t know about the great IPO scams of old :smiley:

In your opinon