Publicly Traded Corps

Has anyone worked out a way to trade company stock in EVE yet. I still can’t figure out how to enforce fidelity between both parties since game mechanics don’t directly allow for it.

You don’t, its the bajillionth mechanic that went nowhere

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That’s why I’ve wondered and tried to think of a way to build a fidelity-tool in the game, using various mechanics, but nothing seems to be low-risk yet. Such as collateral.

Pretty much on your own to figure out how to use them.

Sad that CCP never implemented a proper market for Player Corp stocks. Yeah, there would be a lot of scams, but with proper price and dividend history, a legitimate market could have formed.

Hell. Just the ability to make shares mean something would have been nice. As they are they are meaningless and valueless.

Not altogether. They can still be used to pay out dividends.

And for the person that runs the IPO, they are particularly helpful since you don’t have to keep any record of who to pay which amounts. And third parties can trade them without you being involved.

Maybe CCP could reboot, or add to corp shares by allowing a corp, with some sort of skill, of course, the ability to list “Class B” shares that could be sold on a Eve-wide stock market.

These new shares would could get dividend, have a price and dividend history, but have no voting rights in the corp - In other words, a new kind of share that have pretty much nothing to do with the current system.

When i first learned of shares, i envisioned hostile takeovers and people buying and selling the shares of their corp.

Too bad, what couldve been.

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Your suggestion does not detail any security.

The problem with shares is you can’t force a corp to pay out dividends, and also they can’t pay out dividends if they have no money left. You cannot punish players for being poor because they had their wealth blown up (or because they gave all the money to their alts).

No glittering Stock Exchange system that anyone can suggest will overcome this crucial hitch. Therefore investments in IPOs will forever be trust-based. But for what it is, the corp share feature is quite functional.

That is why I always mention price and dividend history.

BTW, you can’t force a corporation to pay a dividend in the real world either, unless it is part of the charter, such as a REIT.

Yes but in the real world there is oversight and there is embezzlement laws or what it’s called. If the director just gave all the money to his aunt in Topeka, there will be trouble.

In EVE we did have a form of public oversight, as we had the api keys. My corp showed public api keys after the IPO launch in 2015 (but later the keys were discontinued). With the keys, the public could see all transactions the corp made.

Will there be scams on Eve, yep, sure will. Will there be players that don’t use it to scam, yep sure will.

The potential stock buyer has to buy what looks like a reasonable risk. Let players figure it out. No need for mommy to wipe our noses.

If that was mechanically possible, no sane CEO would ever sell enough shares to threaten their power. They’d buy the minimum number of shares to permanently hold power and let the rest do whatever.

If you need the money, sometimes you gotta part with what you love.

Nobody sane would sell their CEO status for a quick buck

Depends on how many bucks, dont you agree?

True, but I don’t imagine it’d be much for smaller corps that people often put their soul into creating, and for larger corps the CEO probably values the political power that goes with it more than almost any amount of actual ISK. For example, I strongly doubt the CEOs of Goonswarm, INIT, Horde, PL, FRT, BRAVE, TEST, NC, etc, would ever be willing to part with their CEO status for ISK.

Oh nice, I thought this feature was manual?

I think kill rights is the way to go. Let’s start discussing how to use kill rights to collateralize trust between shareholders.

The thing is the corporate structure demands the CEO have full control to prevent risk/fraud etc?

As such shares don’t represent accurate total shares. Maybe the ceo retains 90% of shares.

But the rest of outstanding shares would represent a dividend yield and that’s the ONLY way to provide value to them.

Dividends should be paid monthly because it’s a FYCKING game and people need isk when they want to play. Not a year or 4 months from now.

Companies on EVE that do that shjt just seem dumb