Publicly Traded Corps

You would need to remove the ability for shareholders to force a CEO vote, and include a way to invalid or reclaim shares to prevent dilution.

But the feature is so old that it’s a safe bet CCP will never touch it.

in the past we did have a group that was focused on being a 3rd party to trading IPO shares publicly, but that involved some trust from the public too. Anyone who was interested in purchasing shares had to donate their isk with the comment listing the name and quantity of the shares they wished to purchase to the 3rd party corp before they got the shares sent to them. Plus they also had a website that listed the shares that were for available for purchase which worked ingame too. Only reason I remember it is because I had used their service to purchase some shares and resold them after I noticed the person running the IPO was being sketchy. Thankfully I managed to pull out in time before he turned around and scammed everyone.

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