EVE should have a Stock Market

I know this was discussed amongst the playerbase years and years ago, but nothing ever happened.

Given that EVE is based mainly on corporations, you would think there would be a stock market for buying and selling of shares of ownership of these corporations. Unfortunately for reasons that I will get into, this has never materialized.

You can, of course, privately buy and sell shares of corporations on EVE, but there isn’t a central market (much like the EVE market) for this to happen.

The main reason is that there would simply be too much corruption. For example, I could create a corporation, and place $1 trillion ISK in the wallet, thereby driving up the share price. I could then sell 49% of shares in that corporation for however many billions, withdraw the $1 trillion, and close the corp, keeping the profits from the sale of stock.

Also, there is no protection from a CEO/Owner from voting to increase the # of shares in a corporation at any given time, thereby diluting the value of all outstanding shares.

As I said, this idea is not without problems. However, given the incredible brain trust that EVE has, I would hope there is a workable solution to this.

So, if you have any ideas, then please feel free to share them!

Stock markets work because the investors believe that the corporations will make a profit of some sort. Corporations in Eve are mostly just social clubs.


You could have a functioning stock market that would be the facilitator of this corruption - just like the Markeplace is facilitating market manipulations. Noone expects all EVE entrepeneurs to be honest people.

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