Eve Stock Market

A stock market is very much achieveable, however it must be regulated.

A standard set of rules, by which corporations must report their assets and liabilities.

A way to assess punitive measures against corporations which do not report accurate or timely information.

A credit assessing group (under regulation by an independent group), which can rate corporations by risk level.

As such, the following are what at a minimum is required:

  1. A Securities and Exchange Commission to oversee all aspects of the financial system.

  2. A credit bureau responsible for rating companies.

  3. A stock market to facilitate transactions.

Without any of these, it would not work.

It’s not.

Even if you could prevent scamming, there’s hardly any reason or need to raise capital in the game due to the very low baseline investments needed to engage in any industrial activity outside of maybe supercapital production.

For example, do you really need an IPO in order to fund a T2 production line? And then have to deal with paying dividends on your profits, when you could just mine or run missions for a few hours, and have enough seed capital to ensure that you produce solely for your own profit? This isn’t like real life, where it costs millions of dollars to launch a company.


Eh? Just buy several millions in X commodity and wait.

Instant stock market fun

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Just look at all the rules you have to put in place.

Why spend time coding that mess when you can ‘play the stock market’ with any item on the market?


The market can be played with and local can be a good way of building hype.

For all the arguments against, I think you forget this is a game and people do things for fun.

If you have to ask why people would do something, why do people pay to play a game?

Where exact are the staff coming from to manage 1 and 2? Those aren’t small jobs that only a few people can manage - seriously, that’s a massive amount of work for CCP employees, who could make a lot more money doing that in the real world vs trying to do it in a video game. It makes zero sense for CCP to create these systems to regulate a player driven open economy and restrict the freedom of players to play how they want.

A realistic stock market is not a logical development in EVE, as it conflicts with a number of core economy tenets and is a huge money sink for CCP to implement with no return on the investment - seriously, how many people are going to sub just to play the entirely opt-in stock market?

If you want a stock market simulation, EVE isn’t the game for you.

Also: this should be in Player Features & Ideas, not GD. You can move it by editing your OP.

You actually can make a realistic stock market in EVE Online.

The players have the power to do this, it works just like real life. You are free to simply create a Stock Exchange, sell stocks, and create your own rules. Of course, you will need to manage regulatory enforcement yourself, good luck!


Sure, players can do this. CCP should not, and the idea as presented requires CCP intervention to make possible. Players have claimed to be running stock markets in the past, and have scammed people accordingly. Without an outside, inviolable group managing enforcement, there will never be a stock market that isn’t full of scammers.

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That’s nonsense.

In real-life, there is no “outside inviolable group managing enforcement”. Real-life stock markets are enforced by law, and the ability to enforce the law. If you want to create an EVE stock market, you need to create an EVE government. I have my own government and hence my own stock market, with numerous shareholders. If you would like to invest, just send me isk and I will sell shares in the New Order for 1 million isk apiece.


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I really like the idea of a stock market. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt it will ever happen:

  • If you need capital fast, the best option for both parties is probably going to be a collateralized loan.
  • An unregulated stock market will be rife with scammers, and go unused by most players.
  • A manually regulated stock market wouldn’t be worth the effort for CCP (I seriously doubt it will create that much revenue for them unless they find a way to monetize it directly).
  • A stock market regulated by mechanics could conceivably work, but I’m pretty sure it would require collateral of some kind (players can stop playing on a character, or stop playing the game). In which case, we’re right back to collateralized loans being the best option.

I wish there were a way to make this work, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Regardless, if you are that committed to the idea, I suggest going back to the drawing board. Come up with a detailed solution that addresses peoples criticisms and concerns, as well as a persuasive argument for why it would be good for the game.

I made a suggestion about having a game-wide stock market a few months ago. I think its an amazing idea, and it’d be great if it was corporate based like it is for us now. Players investing in corps from some sort of market oriented gUI, as a form of investment in the game. It would be extremely beneficial or economic viscosity.

Uhm, how about no ?

How about never ?

In your dreams.

No. Just No. :-1: :no_entry: :no_mobile_phones:

A stock market is doable in Eve. It couldn’t be done with the current shares system however.

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