Idea for market pvp/pve - create the possibility to invest in assets through options/shares/CFDs/Forex alike LPvsLP trades

Hi dear community,

I would like to suggest the idea of creating shares/options/stocks/CFDs/Forex alike LP/LP trades. Hell, if I would get green light from CCP I would introduce such trading plattform myself. Right know all markets trades are very simple - buy and sell orders of “hard” assets like ships, PLEX etc. thats it. Why not create an option allowing players get ISK for their corporation shares thorough “IPO” capitalisation. Also allow players or make NPCs sell digital options/bonds on assets so players can participate more on the volality of game assets. “Buy Caldari Navy bonds for the glory of Empire” or “Pandemic Legion/Goonswarm/You name it Industry certificates - huge profits with low risk”. The contracts can be cretated similar to courier ones - with margin or insurance escrow premium.

Any suggestions welcome

There are already shares. They’re never used because they’re a massive scam waiting to happen.

You know there’s a reason markets such as your idea are heavily regulated, right? Without an equal level of oversight and regulation, a stock market is a disaster in the making.

Makes me wonder why they even exist anymore.

They’ve been there for the 13 yrs I’ve been playing, or at least as far back as I can remember.

Yes, this need to be done with proper regulation.

Or, we could not waste dev time in allowing the already rich to get richer in game.

Or, we could keep it out entirely, so as to not bring out a whole new set of rules for people to whine over.

We already have people who think it’s a good idea to dump everything they own into untanked industrials.

Let’s stop the “think of the children” whine threads this idea will start before they happen, and trash this idea.

You can create the trading platform - no CCP involvement required. Most people would assume it’s a scam since the game has no mechanism to enforce counterparty compliance. It would be entirely trust based and people who know each other well enough to have established that level of trust probably don’t need a 3rd party platform to conduct their trades.

CCP is unlikely to try coding a regulatory framework for a game where players can have multiple characters and scamming is an honorable profession.

I still await my petition answer for that. It would be the next big thing EVE casinos. But I dont want to break Eula or ToS so I have to wait for the positive answer before introducing it to the public. No scam whatsoever - players would speculate or insure EVE market volality for assets through provided financial instruments like options or CFDs.

Options and CFDs are both derivatives which means they are tied to some underlying asset. In Eve, there is no way to secure the underlying asset. The player creating the derivative has no downside risk - they can simply walk away from a losing position. Any attempt to create a financial market will need CCP to act as regulator and I can’t see them investing effort in something like that - they have way more important things to do.

Speculative trading is a form of gambling however there is an active investment market in Eve - members of groups contribute to build structures, there is an active market for loans - usually collateralized, here on the forums, Eve markets are basically commodity exchanges. Contracts are enforced by game mechanics - but CCP can’t force you to read them before accepting!

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