SHARES on market?

What if CCP makes shares avaliable for selling in market?
What if make npc shares avaliable to buy in jita and have a dividends from npc corporation taxes and war progression?
What if corporations can sell their shares on market?
Will this add some interesting content?
I’d use this tools which are forgotten a bit…

sounds like a great way for me to steal a whole alliance

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A new “free”(after first investment) passive income? No, thanks. Also EvE’s market is already quite speculative, especially during anticipation/rumors about major updates.

There have been many discussions on this and the bottom line is no one has any real skin in the game and so the market would be subject to all kinds of bizarre scams you would not see in a real market.

thats what i’m talking about)

So why not give tools to players and see what will happen?

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