does anybody trustworthy sell shares?

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Dove Hita

Most entrepeneurs do not use the shares for their projects, because once they are out there the issuer cannot recall them on his own initiative.

EVE Museum has shares out since 2015, but I am not selling more at the moment.

yeah, the share system as implemented in game doesn’t really work.

however, there are still plenty of investment opportunities available. many through the forum here (and I believe there is also an IG channel)

as with anything in eve, buyer beware, scamming is a very real possibility. but if you hang out here enough you will figure out who the more established and (generally) trustworthy people are.

That is true. EvE is reallife².

There are a few corporations that reliably (so far) produce shareholder reports and pay dividends. That being said, they are few and far between, and all the risk falls on the investor/shareholder. If you have the ISK and are looking to role play, shares can be fun, but I wouldn’t recommend making them a primary investment

Sure. Which corporation sale shares? Would you give me a name?
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