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So i have no clue on where this goes, So i was talking with a Eve Uni manager regarding this & honestly i think a stock market would be awesome. so there’s two stock market concepts. First is similar to two games, Torn(a text gta like clone) and GTA V’s stock market.

First stock market affects only battles and wars between factions, players can buy stocks in one, almost like gambling really and the faction that wins the battle, gets a payout based on their performance however buying stock in a faction doesn’t weaken them or give balancing issues between warring parties so players cannot affect battles via the market.

The primary stock market, players can buy stock in pve corporations, factions, weapon builder companies & ship companies, for example you can buy stocks in Caldari Navy or even pirate groups and it can either drop or raise the stock price & players can earn a small to even big amount based on politics and the market fluctuations. Because eve is political, it would be ideal, for pve, things like Incursions for example and results of those affects the prices of factions, allowing players to earn some isk, could be beneficial especially for new players or players that is broke allowing them to earn a decent passive isk income if they picked the correct faction side

Hypernet was, and still is, a gambling abomination. The last thing I need is more gambling… and yes, what you have described is semi-masked gambling with extra steps, but it’s still gambling.


Its more like gta’s stock market really

We already have an extensive market for ships, modules and components in the game.
You can already gamble to your hearts content on that market or via the hypernet.
What would your concept bring to the that’s new and not already covered elsewhere. How would you stop players exploiting your idea and turning it into an infinite ISK machine? (Believe me, eve players would manipulate the hell out that concept)
You seem fairly new to the game. Can i suggest you explore what’s already on offer before throwing out game altering suggestions?

Can I introduce you to the well proven theory known as Malcanis’ Law:

“Whenever a mechanics change is proposed on behalf of ‘new players’, that change is always to the overwhelming advantage of richer, older players.”

Us richer, older players will manipulate the hell out of your scheme.

What the hell is this Malcanis’s law, a few people mentioned it before and frankly nobody explained it, this is the third time someone mentions it

It’s exactly as I’ve quoted it in my previous post.

“Whenever a mechanics change is proposed on behalf of ‘new players’, that change is always to the overwhelming advantage of richer, older players.” ~ Malcanis.

Malcanis was an EVE player in the days of yore. His Law lives on and is rarely, if ever, broken.

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Here’s an example of it in action many moons ago: EVE players abuse faction warfare to produce trillions of ISK | Engadget

The idea was to help new players. It got manipulated and abused.

Just as your stock market concept would be manipulated and abused.

you’re being vague just like the rest when i asked them the same question


I’ve quoted the generality accepted version of Malcanis’ Law to you and given an example of it in action.

What’s vague? What are you having difficulty understanding?

Let me give you another example of Malcanis’ Law in action: Skill Injectors.

Skill injectors are a way for new players to skip over some of the boring trains early on. The diminishing returns on using them with high skill characters is a deliberate move to make them more attractive to new characters (note: characters, not players).

The totally predictable outcome has been that players are able to cook up a new spy alt, or HIC alt in a matter of minutes rather than months of training time.

So, our Goon (or Pandemic Horde) veteran player can create a new account, put a new, clean character into a hostile alliance and have access to all their lower level fleet pings and announcements.
When the time comes, they can remote inject their way to a HIC and tackle an enemy Titan that just bridged out a fleet. Incoming dread bomb blasts the Titan, high fives all round.
That now burned spy character is stripped of SP and becomes a PI alt, or just gets biomassed, and those SP are ready to reinject into the next spy alt.

This is an overwhelming advantage for the older, richer player who can afford to do this.

Meanwhile our newbro just saved themselves the fun of training Advanced Weapons Upgrades V.


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