Kaufe Aktien von Corps

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Ich bin auf der Suche nach Aktien von Corps die ich kaufen kann. Schreibt mich einfach an.


ihr soltet das hier von eveuni wiki vorher lesen^^

Shares and Voting

The shares system is a broken mechanic, however it does have power in-game, and should be understood. Shares can be distributed to players, making them shareholders. To issue shares the player can either take them from the corporation wallet, if there are any unassigned (owned by the corp), or a player with shares can give them to another player. This is also why as a CEO one of your first steps is to grab all the shares, so you can distribute them to who you want, while retaining shareholder majority.

Shares can do a number of things. First they allow the holder to vote in corporation votes. These may include making more shares (splitting) and voting on a new CEO if that vote is called. Votes can also function as a normal kind of multiple choice poll, or serve to lock and unlock original blueprints kept in corporation hangars. If the CEO decides to issue dividends to shareholders, your shares will get you money. Finally if a player has 5% or more of the shares for the corp they are in, they can force a vote for a new CEO. At this point all the shareholders will be called to vote, and the player with over 50% support wins.

Also be aware that having unissued shares is also a security risk. A corporation thief with Director access can take these shares, and if he has over 50%, vote himself to CEO and steal the corp. Conversely, a character holding more than the average shareholder (excluding any shares owned by the corp itself) can only be expelled via a vote. Characters with less shares can be kicked normally. A CEO without a majority of shares cannot hold their power, and this is a security measure which permits “temporary CEOs” to update a corporation with their skill level for membership cap increases.

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