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I have been away for a few years but I am now back. I have logged on to find the corp I was in has only me and 2 others left in it. Im not CEO and do not seem to have any roles anymore. But I do have shares in the company I think I have 100% of the shares. Is there away for me to become CEO so I can retreive all my blueprints I know the corp had?
I have read about if you got more than 5% of the shares you can start a vote, but I can not seem to start any votes.

Al I can offer you is this excerpt from a support page. I’m kind of curious about it, however, so I’d appreciate it if you let us know how it worked out.
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Yes thats the bit I read, but I do not have any buttons to start a vote anywhere. Or I can not see any button.

the Corp I’m in, has no politics tab, but the corp an alt is CEO of has a politics tab.

Look in your wallet, on the left hand side there should be a tab for “My Shares”. Click on that tab, it should list all the shares you own.

Right click on the corp shares, you are interested in starting the voting procedure on, and a new menu will appear. This new menu will have a tab called “Votes”. This tab/menu “Votes” will have the button to start the vote for new CEO on it on the very bottom of the interface.


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Perfect thank you. I did not see that button, the normal never there when you are looking. I will see if that works in 24 hours.

One additional note, the character starting the vote for CEO must be in the corp and have the shares in their wallet.

So, if you have the shares in the wallet of an alt, who is not a member of the corp with the absentee CEO, you will need to transfer the shares to the/a character in the corp where you wish to start the vote for the CEO position.

Yes I did that. Not sure if it took time to registry that I had the shares. But Im sure that button was not there the first time.

Did you succeed?

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