Corporation Dividends & Evermarks

just had a thought, there is a share system in game for corporations and people to become share holders but its hardly used.

what if corporations which paid dividends to share holders received Evermarks for paying dividends.
the catch: Evermarks are only generated for the number of recipients which are omega & currently training skills

this way, as a CEO if you didn’t want to pay dividends, you don’t have to.
this avoids spamming of Evermark creation by creating millions of alphas.
alpha’s can buy shares and still receive ISK to further their career.

this then allows corporations to create a feedback loop of game play where active game play = dividend payouts = evermarks for corp / alliance logos on structures and such things.

was a thought, maybe something to it, maybe not.

Im gonna quote the famous Ron White

“Next time you have a thought, let it go”


Thank you for sharing your perspective. I understand that not every idea resonates with everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. Ideas in gaming communities can vary widely, and it’s through discussion and feedback that we can refine and develop them further.

I also believe that unique concepts and fresh approaches to existing game mechanics are valuable contributions to our community. Your feedback helps stimulate creative thinking and innovation, which are essential aspects of game development.

If you have any specific concerns or suggestions about the concept or how it might be improved, I’d be open to hearing them. Ultimately, the goal is to foster a positive environment for idea-sharing within our community and to explore new and exciting possibilities for the game. Thanks again for taking the time to engage in this discussion.

Are evermarks really being spammed by millions of alphas?

OK, a not completely awful Drogon Mace idea. golfclap

I don’t object to the basic concept, however… This would require an extensive rework of the Shares system as it currently operates.

Right now, shares are usually very tightly held by CEOs and corp founders, for very good reason: shareholders can force a CEO vote and stage a takeover of a corporation. Assets locked away within the corp (blueprints for example) can then be looted by the new CEO. Members can be kicked, corp wallets and hangers emptied, structures unanchored and all kinds of corp theft shenanigans are now open to those who successfully use the share system in this way.

The window of opportunity for other shareholders to react to such a takeover and block it is very small.

So yuh, the shares system, as it currently stands, is kind of like the in-game Bounty System. It was a good idea, that was quickly shown to be easily gamed and manipulated, so the devs have basically given up on it as a meaningful mechanic.

share management within a corporation should be relatively easy, even as the mechanics stand, I actually have shares in a corp which pay dividends which i’m not part of and feel its managed very well

typically people don’t use the share holder system because well… they simply don’t know and can’t be bothered to learn how to calculate their share price or dividend payout. But most importantly they know that corp members owning shares = bad because corp theft and more worried about that.

the share holder system used to be that anyone with shares could instigate a vote to over throw the CEO, however this was changed and no one really picked up on it. you now need 10% of the corp shares to start that vote.

however if a share does in fact pay dividends, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will want to let that go, especially if it pays every week, 2 weeks or month. as people you could impose corp limits, you could inflate prices, but this lowers your ROI or limit how many shares can be purchased from the corp itself, outside of that you have to trade with other people.

ultimately it boils down to simply managing shares correctly

you want about 60% divided up between the parent corp, corp brass & used for wallet growth, how someone divvy’s that up is entirely down to them, the remaining 40% trade able.

in terms of the CEO and corp management aspect, i’d like to see a support system
where on a set day the corp will pay X amount of its wallet as dividend payments to those share holders
this would be cool to see automatically done but i know CCP has policies about that, it just makes sense to me to line up good corp management and some expenses like Dividend payments to be managed the same as jump gate activation or office rental fees.

I personally think it would just be cool to see a structure which is the “new eden stock exchange”
it would be like the jita 4-4 but for corp shares.

personally i think the wallet system could do with some tweaking to show how much you’ve spent in assets and to show you how much profit or debt you’re in to allow you to make more educated choices.

register your desired corp on the stock exchange, pay % of corp wallet in dividends on X day of the month.
gain evermarks.

this makes it entirely an opt in thing.
unregister / delist your corp to then opt out.
i speak from experience when i say its hard to fly against someone when you’re financially invested in their operation, damaging their operation means damaging you’re income stream.

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