Industry Filters

Hi all, this has definitely been posted before but I wanted to reiterate it.

Filters please for my blueprint list in the industry tab.
Mainly, I want to filter by whether I have materials.

I want to be able to have a bunch of ammo blueprints, reprocess a big pile of stuff and then make whatever ammo I can with the materials.
At the moment this is quite clunky, clicking through the list to find which ones I can make and then deciding which one I want the most.

Could be a lot of a other useful filters too, maybe:
-Has max mat/time research
-Have skills to produce
-Have skills to use product
-idk im noob peeps prolyl gots better ideas than me and stuff

Thanks heaps and kind regards,

Im not sure what excactly you want. But when putting in amount of runs for a industry job, being able to press “Max possible with current minerals in hangar” or input for example 24 hours and it will do the equivalent runs that would be nice. An industry queue would also be amazing. You can set up 50 jobs+ and come back a few days later and they are all done even tho only maybe max 11 was able to be completed at a time. Sound good? Probably not caus this forum is gay. Bye

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