Let's expand the Precursor Section!

Abyssal Expansion added the Precursor Tab in the Market. We took the Triglavian’s technology!
We have reversed-engineered Drifter Technology into Entosis Technology.
We have explored countless WormHole’s since 2009 discoveries of Ancient Sleepers.
We have entire [COSMOS] sites dedicated to researching Precursor Artifacts and Ruins. We have their Skill Books!
We have even found Talocan Ships and Designs in Wormhole Space… but we haven’t reverse-engineered their technology? [http://www.tigerears.org/images/dtc_deserted_talocan_cruiser.jpg]

I propose we expand the Precursor Tab and add new Frigate, Cruiser, and Battlecruiser class Vessels of the Sleepers, Talocan, Yan Jung, and Takmahl races.

I understand this is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially with balancing issues, but this would add so much to our variety of ship arsenals and continue to evolve our PVP and PVE experiences. Based on the Description’s of the Ancient’s Skill Books, I have slight propositions of what the attributes of these ships can be. They don’t have to be overpowered. Just something to switch it up once in a while when doing battles.

I will attempt at creating the role bonuses and abilities of the ships, but without a doubt many of you will figure out much better ship roles and bonuses, so feel free to list them in a reply if you like the idea of having these ships.

The Talocan were masters of Spatial manipulation and Hypereuclidean Mathematics.

  • Talocan ships:
    Requirements: Caldari Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Talocan Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to Turret Tracking (Mathematics)
    7.5% bonus to Optimal and Falloff Range.
    Role Bonus: 100% Decreased Signature Radius (Spatial Manipulation causes targeting haywire). 25% Reduced Micro Jump Drive Fatigue.

The Sleepers were masters of virtual reality, neural interfacing and cryotechnology.

  • Sleeper ships:
    Requirements: Minmitar Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Sleeper Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to missile velocity. (VR)
    7.5% bonus to Implant Secondary Effects. (Neural Interfacing)
    Role Bonus: 100% Increase in Drone Velocity -or- Damage -or- Health -or-Range

The Yan Jung nation possessed advanced gravitronic technology and force field theories.

  • Yan Jung ships:
    Requirements: Gallente Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Yan Jung Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to Shield Capacity (Force Field Theories)
    7.5% bonus to Shield Booster
    Role Bonus: 100% decrease in mass attained by modules -or- resistance to ECM -or- PI boost (whatever Gravitronic means).

The Takmahl nation excelled in cybernetics and bio-engineering.

  • Takmahl ships:
    Requirements: Amarr Frigate 5, Precursor Frigate 5, & Takmahl Technology 3.
    Bonuses: 5% bonus to armor recovery (biological nanites repairing)
    7.5% bonus to booster enhancement.
    Role Bonus: 100% increase in Implant Secondary Effects…

I know I really did a bad job for the Bonuses and Roles of the Ships. The reason I added the Empires as a requirement for use was based on where their ruins can be found. Otherwise the skill requirements can be polished greatly too considering the Technology skills are for manufacturing. But I’m sure as a community we can make this work as non-overpowered, fair ships, with designs I can’t even begin to imagine (except for Sleepers and Talocan, their designs I can imagine lol, but would still be super awesome).

What do you guys think? Should we bring the Derelict Ships found in WH Space back home, reverse-engineer it, modernize it, and use their ancient abilities for our Capsuleer gain!? Feedback appreciated.

I think it is a nightmare for CCP to balance already existing ships. I mean PvP balance. And you suggest a banch of totaly new pirate faction ships.
I think we need more diverse space, not more diverse tools. I mean new tools, new toys is nice to have but environment is more important. And Abyss space just like wormhole space once is a step in right direction. Just not complete yet. I hope we will see Abyss instances where players can interact, Triglavian fleet NPC behavior outside abyss, new sceneria, etc…

Ccp doesn’t have the resources to balance existing ships/mods so let’s add more

No for reasons already stated.

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