Lore Monthly Event regarding EVE Gate

A new Dynamic event that would be filled with Lore. On a similar par of Caroline’s Star.
Besides the name of the Constellation “Genesis”, and the System Names, and the Amarr Scriptures, we still have very little actual in-lore information.

What I propose:

  • With the new Precursor Section, the Drifters and Triglavian’s need a reason to fight against each other perhaps?
    Their super-powered weapons and technology that is still beyond Concord’s, Empire’s, and Capsuleer’s understanding has caused Electro-Magnetic interference throughout unstable wormholes that sends these pulses throughout Genesis, causing the old EVE Gate to react in an anomolous way.
  • SoE, SoCT, and multiple R&D Corporations of the Empire’s set up perimeters and FOB’s to record and study the phenomenon. This is where perhaps a couple of new COSMOS Missions for the SoE and SoCT can be introduced with their unique Storyline Blueprints that would require a lot of ancient parts throughout the Galaxy to produce.
  • After a month of the initial release of the Event so that pilots can do these new missions, the next update would bring the change of a temporary new module acquired through a new mission that can bend the Quantum Fabric of the signals from the anomaly of Modern Precursor Battle’s with the Energy leftover’s of the EVE Gate. Using the module would create a new type of wormhole unlike any seen before (like a miniaturized version of the new EVE Gate FX) and lead us to a Jove System (as I believe their Stargates are still offline, this will be the first ever “backdoor” to Jove Space). There are then a couple of new Mission’s to gain the Jovian Trust, rewarded with some Storyline BPC.
  • The Second months update would include a discovery by a Science Corp and publicized by Scope, that the Jovian system that is landed had a project working on an Intergalactic Gate, aimed towards a Galaxy believed to be the origin of Humanity. Through the player’s choice of choosing the SoE, SoCT, Jove, or Other to help replicate a key for this Prototype Stargate (after a few new mission’s. Jove could provide a protection from Drifters mission, SoCT wants Jove Technology, and SoE wanting Triglavian Tech), you receive the components to manufacture the key.
  • The Third months update brings about the possibility of activation of a key due to added modifications of the prototype gate. This Gate will lead to the system that is named as “Revelation” by the Jove (as it is the opposite of Genesis, just like Alpha and Omega). As with the Ancient Talocan Structures found in WH space, you find “Jumpgate” Boosters (as seen in the old intro movie that Humanity used to jump travel towards the EVE Gate) being out of commission now, Stargates, Comms Towers, and other Structures (new models) are Derelict and Beyond Repair. The system seems very old, dying with dwarf planets and a dying star. An ancient system. One of your new missions is to salvage what you can (like with the 2012 Fanfest Cinematic where new technology was salvaged) while fighting off brand new ancient drones. Salvage those as well for and place deployable research structures throughout the system. Bring back Salvage to Agent of choice.
  • The Fourth months update would have you return to the Ancient System to retrieve the Deployed Structure’s Data. After fighting a new wave of Drone’s, you return to the agent of choice for a brand-new, Storyline Precursor Ship based on original Human Concepts.

For balance purposes, as well as fairness for both Alpha’s and Omega’s to endeavor on this journey, the Jovian Prototype Extra-Galactic Stargate can only send Destroyer’s or Smaller.
The new Human Storyline Ship BPC won’t be an over-powered, brand new weapon ship, but something on par with SoCT ships. After all, the Human’s mostly sent Construction and Colony ships as per my assumption, but their Energy, Propulsion, and Mechanics Technology is still new compared with anything New Eden saw before.
Then we can wait a year or two for either a novel to dive deeper into the topic, or a follow-up event that would expand on this lore.

What do you guys think? Worth discussing over, not worth? Worth adding additional Lore that will give answers to Ancient Lore since the beginning of EVE Online?

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