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I just want to suggest some small, minor changes that I believe would be simple to achieve without requiring much time or resources of the staff, and would be a great view for a lot of players. Feel free to leave feedback if the small changes are not worth the time, don’t care, or are worth it for immersion purposes.

  • Epic Arc Mission NPC Skins: The skins for Caldari for example already exist. I was thinking of maybe applying the Nugoeihuvi and Hyasyoda SKINs that already exist to the NPC ships that are flying when approaching an agent. Their current skins are either regular Caldari SKINs or NAVY SKINs, but are labelled as Hyasyoda or Nugoeihuvi Ships.

  • Sisters of EVE Station’s to change the Station SKINs like the one in Theta: A lot of players go to the SoE Stations for Epic Arc and for SoE LP. It’s personally something that I notice when looking at stations, such as Nugoeihuvi Stations having their own skin, which adds to quality of life IMHO (and will go great with the Upwell SKINs release as well), and I think the Gallente Stations that are owned by SoE would be the easiest for CCP Artists to change to an SoE SKIN, with Theta as an example for the artwork, and then later on focus on the other Empire’s Station’s. Otherwise, atm they are a Factional Race with Factional Items with non-Factional Stations.

  • Different colors on Acceleration Gates Animation: I personally LOVE the new AG graphics and animations, but some are labeled as “Ancient Acceleration Gate” and some “Newly Constructed Acceleration Gate”. I propose to simply change the colors during the warp animation. Such as for example, in FW, AG’s towards Gallente Outposts glow green during warp, so that we know they constructed them (or modified them), to a Caldari FW post it glows blue, Min Red and Amarr Yellow. Mission’s and “Ancient” gates could perhaps do a lighter blue glow compared with Caldari, or Minmitar could do a darker red than they currently do. Just a simple suggestion, something to let us know an Empire and Which one modified it. Perhaps just even put their Empire Logo on the Back points of the AG’s?
    I also really like the new LifeBlood Expansion’s AG’s. I know this would be more work for the CCP Artist team so I wouldn’t want to suggest minuscule changes that would waste time and resources, but perhaps add a 3rd model of AG’s, to differentiate the “Newly Constructed” one’s and the “Ancient” and “Old” AG’s. I can’t tell the number of times I flew to a Mining Expedition just to state at the new AG. I just really appreciate the new 3D modelling and the Art of it.

  • Add visual variations to Mobile Tractor Units and Mobile Depot’s: Just to differentiate them. I use them for missions all the time, and when I’m bored I sometimes scan them down to destroy them. Yes they’re small, but my tactic is usually to orbit one around while running a mission. Drone’s have visual variations. Maybe recolor and add different symbols for the other 2 “named” MTU’s and MD’s? I just personally think IMHO that items we pay for a lot more deserve to stand out and be recolored at the very least.

  • Goru’s Shuttle not looking identical to a Caldari Shuttle: I admit this one may be a bit silly, but I personally fly these all the time, and so do COSMOS Mission runner’s. The only thing making it the 3rd or 4th most expensive shuttle in Jita right now is only because of the name and the Storyline Item Icon on the Item’s Icon. Goru Nikainen sounds like she’s a well connected Agent working for the Distribution part of Nugoeihuvi Corporation. I’m not asking for the Shuttle to be changed to Nugoeihuvi (although it would be nice IMHO), but perhaps something to differentiate her Special Shuttle from a normal Caldari Shuttle? Something simple that wouldn’t take the CCP artists much time to edit, maybe change the Caldari State symbol to a Nugoeihuvi symbol on the Shuttle? Something to make it stand out to being a special, unique shuttle (otherwise it makes little sense on why it costs more than a Concord Shuttle besides being a Mission Item).

That’s all I have for now. I made sure to describe it in a way that would be the least amount of work for CCP’s Artists team and implementing these small changes, but to many pilots such as myself would be a very, very nice sight to see. Let me know what you guys think, your feedback, if you agree, disagree, silly, cool, meh, would like to see, would not, or a refined idea to some of the small changes listed here. Thank you for reading my post.

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Not bad ideas. I personally like the Station idea. Different skins for existing ones or even types like the ones recently added. The Thera SOE stations are a refreshing sight when you first visit them.

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By the subject I was expecting to see creative ways for CCP to start waterboarding their artistic teams. Some of those skins are truly horrendous.

Once I started reading though, I realized it wasn’t a topic that I wanted to keep reading about. So I have nothing intelligent to say.

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