Station interior - Bring back the awesome. Bring in more Immersion

It’s time again for someone to poke our wonderful art team. Can we get the gallente pleasure hub back, you can subtract the quafe girl to keep the teen rating.

Gallente pleasure hub

But seriously though, the Minmatar, Caldari, and Gallente stations have 0 immersion in them. For those who are new, the current gallente station interior was originally the Jove station interior. When you look at the different stations Amarr seem to have the most character to them (I want my amarr singing back too) they look alive, while the other make it look like you are parked in an alley in the back.

So while I want gallente the most, caldari and minmatar need some life too. Since caldari is the trade center of eve, there should be more than just tv screens, they should have caldari media, stock ticker etc running in the back ground, similar to what is at the bottom of the market. Also some Service to the State propoganda.

Minmatar should at least have TRUST IN RUST banners. Well I am not sure what would be good for the minmatar. What represents their tribal cooperation but their enjoyment of freedom?

I think one of the best things that helps keep players is not only our awesome community, but the way we can immerse people in the game. I joined back in 06’ and was amazed by the game especially with the back grounds, station details and everything. We need to keep those little things alive.


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