Make Sansha Destroyer flyable!?

Basically what the title says. There’s a Sansha destroyer seen in Mission’s that is unavailable to players. Make a new factional ship in which models and textures already exist for available to capsuleers? Doesn’t have to be overpowered or match T3 statistics or anything of the sort.

As I’ve seen, it has 2 turret hardpoints and 1 missile hardpoint. Sounds pretty balanced imho as many destroyers already offer that or better.

Edit: The model I was referring too was the Imp model. I didn’t know it already existed as an interceptor already, but it is still Alliance Victory exclusive and not available to 99% Capsuleers. The suggestion is to make a lower-tier, more common “Imp” model ship.
While on the topic, I also saw an Arch Angel ship “Gistii Nomad” that’s also non-flyable ( Perhaps if the 2 are added, it can be a bridge between T1 and T2 for Factional Frigs. What do you guys think?

My other suggestions:



I’d dig a faction dessie. It would need to be slow though so that it does not make the succubus obselete.

@Old_Pervert Because a lot of people like flying ships just for the sake of flying them since they look awesome in the atmospheric environment.

@Murkar_Omaristos Agreed. I don’t think introducing this ship would have any issues with balances or even make it a new hype, but an extra choice nevertheless would be nice I believe.

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Absolutely nothing wrong with a little extra choice and as Murkar Omaristos says, a faction destroyer could be just what the doctor ordered. New shiny things for alphas to want to stay and invest into this world of ours.

Problem with adding new ships is maintaining balance.

Now you’re proposing adding faction destroyers. Sure you say Sansha… how long until they’re forced to cave and add other factions?

that does not lead to balanced gameplay. ccp already has a hard enough time with existing ships. unless you have a defined role a ship is needed to fill there is no reason to add it

Like the others,

Gameplay and balance are essential for game health. Any new ship must satisfy these two at least.

Sansha Destroyer:

  • 20% bonus to Afterburner Velocity
  • 7.5% bonus to small energy tracking speed.

Role Bonus: (For Balance purposes, split it up).

  • 75% small energy turret damage


As I’ve said before, it appears the Destroyer has only 2 turret and 1 missile hardpoint. If the Role Bonus is even kept at 150%, the fact that only 2 turrets can be fitted on the destroyer already evens out compared to a Coercer or Catalyst or Cormorant. It’ll still be almost Frigate-like (as matching by it’s appearance as well, it’s as if it is a T2 Frigate Version of Sansha per say).

@Old_Pervert You caught me, I was hoping this would be planting the seed for a Sansha and Mordus Titan’s :stuck_out_tongue: sarcasm

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What destroyer they all look like the succubus

I’m not sure which pirate faction it should be, because that tends to favor factions indirectly, meaning you end up needing 4 ships.

But I am not against the idea of more Destroyers sub-TIII. The “Heavy Destroyer” role is missing and could be perfect for pirate faction ships to fill.

I want a Sansha Titan and carrier too

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Yes, but this one has a tail! It looks like a pipe!

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Isnt that the model for the imp???

yes thats the Imp also classed as interceptor not destroyer

I apologize I do not know every single custom Alliance Tournament Victory Ships. But since it’s an interceptor, maybe perhaps include a non-SKIN Tech 1 version? Near parallel to the Succubus but not truly the same?

Or add extra thrusters to the Imp model to make a Destroyer-Class perhaps?

The heavy destroyer role is more than filled by t3s and command destroyer

Since we are on the topic of making the Imp model accessable to Capsuleers, to balance it out, what do you guys think about adding the other Arch Angel Frigate “Gistii Nomad” like the one seen in this picture here
The 2 new factional Frigates would balance each other out and can be of between a T1 and T2 of a Factional Frig.

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Some of these models are very old in fact the current Sansha corvette the imolator was a angel cartel light frigate npc ages ago.
For destroyer and battlecruiser they’ll have to make new models

I apologize, my original point was to make existing models flyable. I didn’t know IMP was an interceptor and initial thought from missions made me think it was a destroyer cause what else you know.