Why is there no Faction exploration destroyers?

(LouHodo) #1

Something that always bothered me is there are only 2 destroyers per faction, and like 8 frigates. Can we get a couple of other destroyers? Like Logi-Destroyers, Exploration-Destroyers.

Some of us dont even want to fly around in some SOE ship or a Gnosis.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

So from that we can expect several other battlecruisers, battleships, etc?

Seriously, the name says it all, it is a ship meant to destroy. Slower than a frigate, slightly tankier and more guns than them.

Frigates and Destroyers are almost the same size, so you are essentially asking what the game already gives you.

(Avaelica Kuershin) #3

Have you considered the SOCT destroyer? It may not be set up for covert cloak, but still has scanning bonuses.

(Nevyn Auscent) #4

Destroyers & Battlecruisers are an ‘in-between’ ship class. Not a primary ship class. Designed to fill niches in Frigate/Cruiser roles respectively that need a slightly bigger hull to make them work. As such they have fewer roles.

(Lulu Lunette) #5

SoE T3D! With drone and exploration bonuses!

(Akrasjel Lanate) #6

Why should there be one.

(LouHodo) #7

The Gnosis is a battlecruiser, but there isnt a faction version of this ship.

Unless you count the RECON cruisers, but they are WAY to expensive for what you get.

(LouHodo) #8

Let us take the Probe and the Thrasher for example. The Probe is roughly half the size, with a 1/4 of the firepower and about the same CPU capacity.

So why not have a destroyer classed faction exploration ship?

Destroyers on average have more power available, more CPU capacity and have better shields, armor and structure.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #9

Yeah, but why do we need a Destroyer class ship, a ship meant to destroy, to be doing what exploration ships do?

I get that you are trying to fly something other than a SoE ship to be able to defend against other players that intrude in your sites, but then again you compared a specific exploration ship, of course it is not going to have any firepower because it’s what it does, it just hacks sites, and as much power as a Destroyer can have it will surely still not be able to fend off a Stratios any time, the least you do with that destroyer is scare people that are not brave to engage you.

Explorers as they are do their job right, they have enough power, enough cpu, etc, in order to do their sites with ease, not to mention the big bonuses they get for exploration compared to any other ship and the speed they have to be able to dart out of danger should it show up any second.

And case you missed the point, destroyers are a niche and you picked the Gnosis to compare with the Battlecruiser class, do keep in mind that the Gnosis helps Alpha clones to fly something bigger than they can currently fly, and they are limited edition ships that do belong to a faction called “Society of Conscious Thought”. Now if you ask “Why are they not in the Ship Tree then?” Well my friend I ask the same thing for CONCORD ships and all the other limited edition ships that are not in their appropriate factions Ship Tree

(Coralas) #10

There are 2 basic destroyers, a command destroyer and a tactical destroyer per race, thats 4 not 2.

imo the command destroyer complements the logi and ewar frigates, but the tactical destroyer obsoletes assault frigates, and if they added more destroyers, they’d have more problems with obsoleting frigates.

The sunesis also exists as a newbie anyrace destroyer, but if they made a proper covert exploration destroyer it would just obsolete the astero.

(Zetakya) #11

5; you forgot the Interdictors.

I’d be much more interested in faction destroyers than spurious exploration ones.

(Namaan) #12

There really should be faction destroyers… dunno about exploration, but I’d be happy with faster navy versions.

(Zaknussem) #13

The reason there are “like 8 frigates” and only 2 destroyers has to do with the history of EVE.

(Disclaimer: I wasn’t there when EVE launched but I’m a 10-year veteran of the game, so most of this is “IIRC” territory. Treat it as such.)

In the beginning there were only Frigates, Cruisers and Battleships (and industrials, but that’s not quite related to the topic). There were no Destroyers and no Battlecruisers, those classes (and others) came a few years later. For argument’s sake we’ll call them Size 1, Size 2 and Size 3 (with Industrials also being Size 2, but still a seperate class.)

More than that, there were 6 frigates for all but the Amarr, who only got 5. The Magnate was considered “special” and was not made available to Amarrian peasant capsuleers until later. Each of these frigates had a basic role in mind, but were otherwise considered versatile ships in their own right. The same applied to Cruisers and Battleships.

Then Tech 2 ships started to appear, based off the T1 hulls. These are specialized ships with a very specific purpose, and from a game design perspective they were intended to “plug the holes” that were visible in the range of EVE ships. Around that time CCP also noticed that there was room for further ship classes, so we got a range of Size 1.5 ships called Destroyers, and a range of Size 2.5 ships called Battlecruisers. (Even later we’d get Size 4 ships, Capital Ships.)

And all these new ships with new abilities, so there was less need to make more ships. Destroyers only had one ship for many many years, the second Destroyer is actually quite a recent addition (by my books). At the end of the day these two “sub-classes” are an afterthought… and it looks like they always will be.

That’s the reason for not only the question of why there aren’t any Faction Exploration Destroyers, but also every similar question about why there isn’t Ship Type X in EVE: There’s currently no visible need.

There have been debates and discussions about adding new ships into EVE for quite some time, but only a few of them have become reality. I still remember the discussions about Flagships, for example - really decked-out T2 Battleships that use the racial BS hulls that aren’t either Black Ops or Marauders. I recall that they’d give additional leadership and command bonuses, but would also come with a heavy penalty if destroyed.

There’s also room for a Size 3.5 ship class - ships that are almost Capital Ships, but aren’t.

If you want CCP to add faction destroyers, make a good case for them. Look at the current line-up of faction ships and see if there’s room for improvement beyond the old argument of “moar ships!!!11” Maybe a Guristas Destroyer with a 25m Drone bay that gives good bonuses to Heavy Drones (like speed) so you’d get a small ship with one mean little sidekick. Or an Angel Destroyer that can actually fit a full set of 8 arties without breaking a sweat and gimping itself in other regards.

Don’t just sit there and whine. Make a suggestion with content. Contribute to EVE.

(Namaan) #14

The best argument for Faction Destroyers is that Alphas could make use of them since they can’t fly any T2s.

The catch would be coming up with a fitting and unique bonus to these faction variants.

(Tygg Essex) #15

This makes sense. We have fleet issue frigates, cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships. Why not destroyer’s.

I could see giving them a small hull bonus to armor or shields, depending on race. And a small drone bay 10m3 for ECM or Logi drones.

(LouHodo) #16

I didnt pick the Gnosis to compare with Battlecruisers. IT is listed as a special edition battlecruiser.

Exactly, it would give people who are alphas a chance to do something other than save up for an expensive ship that is just out of reach.

Currently if you are starting as an alpha with no clue, you have frigates then a massive price jump to Stratos, Gnosis, or Sens… which all of which are very expensive when compared to a destroyer.

If you stick with the basic T1 line of Frigate, Destroyer to Cruiser, you still are paying less per ship than you would for a Stratos, Gnosis or a Sen.

Life should be full of options not a set path of cookie cutter ship builds. The more options the more individual each person feels.

(Namaan) #17

Pretty sure Alphas can’t use the Stratos.

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #18

Yeah. Because you need 2 cruiserskills of 2 empirefactions for them. So no, Alphas can´t use them. Astero too.

(system) #19

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