Vedmaks are scary

(Rab See) #21

You mean the paper 800 dps.

Are you telling me your magical 800 (fit it - go on), is 800 at 30k?

You are full of something.

(Ildrara) #22

Go ahead and look for my comment about getting 800dps at 30k.

(Ember Fireheart) #23

post a screen shot and blur some modules you dont want us to see with photoshop, it’s an interesting claim but from my experience even with 420’s and 3 damage mod and drones you get somewhere around 600 dps (Low for these site’s while gila gets over 1000 with more tank) and you cant use T2 ammo because then you get crap tracking.

(Ildrara) #24

Not really sure what this proves other than what I already said. It works.
My fit is my own business. It works.

(Arthur Aihaken) #25

Anyone know of some good railgun fits? Tired of drones, tired of missiles and tired of maneuvering around. I just want to blap things from 40km out.

(Scipio Artelius) #26

Haven’t tried a Rails fit ship yet.

425mm Autocannons though, with a range script on a Tracking Computer will get falloff to 38km with Barrage on a Broadsword. Working in falloff on a Broadsword works well.

Kylie Bitkin was running Tier 5 sites in a solid Broadsword fit on the CCP twitch:

It works well, though I lost a slightly less blingy fit one to a disconnect a couple of days ago in a Tier 4. So far, this is for me, the most fun to fly.

(Ildrara) #27

I saw her do that last night. Too bad @Rab_See says it is impossible. Where is The_Dunning_Kruger when you need him.

(Rab See) #28

Where’s that 800 dps fit you keep boasting about. LOL - 740 squeeeeeezed out.

Ha ha ha.

(Dark Engraver) #29

Hi,I finally began my slow burn through abyssal space.Vedmaks are okay I don’t fear them at all the old vedmaks that chased you at 2km/s and orbited at that speed too were scary the ones we got now can be kept at a safe distance and poked with whatever you like to poke.

Ow yea opted for kite gila because who doesn’t like cheesing leshaks anyway

(Ildrara) #30

You never heard of boosters I guess.
You know Minmatar ships operate well in falloff.
I am not sure why you are arguing. Are you trying to say these ships don’t work in tier 4 and tier 5?

There is video evidence to support this.

(Rab See) #31

I said to you elsewhere (but like a forum baby you ignore)

So you get nearly 800 dps? or 800 with boosters - you decide to pull that out now. Dont be a mug, or can’t you read what I wrote. I specified the limitations.

800 with everything - at 1.6km - range … falling off - that means less - DPS is falling off.

You are telling someone who knows that the ‘pyfa’ dps is never the real dps.

What I am saying is that other cruiser eclipse minmatar due to 4 mids = all tank required, relying on ‘tracking’ close range speedy targets. Webbed and scrammed … a web helps a crapton.

Time limited environment while you peck at webbers …

Oh I know I know - theres a one off video. There s a simnple T2 fit Gila one too.

(Dark Engraver) #32

Vagabond does fine without a web get gud learn to drive

(Ildrara) #33

I kill the webbing frigs before they ever get in range. The webbing cruisers I can track.
Is it so hard to understand that another ship can work just fine?

I started these sites on release and have made billions. My vagabond has paid for itself several times over. I am not saying it is better than a Gila. Just that it is capable. Like I have been saying from the beginning

(Ember Fireheart) #34

747 dps O_o
wow nice man

(Fluffy Moe) #35

2.3 Bil ISK… he was talking about T2 fits. This is not a T2 fit. Am willing to bet there is another 1.5 bil or so in implants there + the super expensive boosters on top of that just before you activate filaments.

Now if you managed to do this completely in a T2 turret boat and posted a video of doing the hard spawns, not just winning the spawn RNG lottery, without use of super expensive implants or boosters, then I’d be impressed.

Incidentally, a blinged out double armor rep munin does a lot better then Vagabond, especially in ceirtain weather effects.

For me personally, as far as T2 fits go, blaster boats are the worst off cause they have the shortest range and have to stay too close to their targets thus losing too much speed tank cause of tight turns. Laser boats outside of electrical also seem sub par. In electrical they get and EM damage bonus as well as cap recharge making them capable of dealing with neuts with everything running.

(Arthur Aihaken) #36

For me I’ve found that F2 Agitated filaments seem to offer the best “bang for your buck” in high-sec. F3 Fierce filaments can be too unpredictable for T2 fits without implants as a few neuts will shut you down in short order. Even passive fits can fail spectacularly. And I haven’t found that the loot drops are necessarily any better in the Fierce filaments.

You can run a fairly cheap T2 Gila fit that kites most of enemy DPS and delivers well over 740 DPS out to well past 42km. The only “bling” I used on mine was a Republic Fleet large cap battery with a DB5 +5% damage boost.

(system) #37

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