Pve vedmak fit

looking for pve vedmak fit. just want to have a general idea how people build it

my activities: abyss sites (would like to do t3 with it), missions, anomalies

PvE Vedmaks are all about speed tank, so first and foremost you need to understand how all that works in the game.

For L4s the fit linked in the thread above works well, it also works for DED sites up to 5/10. For 6/10s it lacks a bit on tank and cap, you’ll need to bling it a little.

For T3 Abyss, dump the cap recharger and stick in a booster. You will have to carry booster charges which will eat into your cargo space, the disintegrator ammo takes up alot of space by itself, and you’ll need to have space leftover to carry loot out of Abyss, so this is a bit of an issue.

For Abyss ammo switch to mainly Mystic and kite everything whereas in L4s your primary ammo will be Occult. The ammo on disintegrators can be switched instantly (single cycle) so you can go back and forth during combat. Use Occult on battlecruisers and battleships. Carry approx 2/3 mystic, 1/3 occult. Keep vast majority of your targets at 25+ km, especially the NPC Vedmaks or they will rip you apart. Likewise with anything that will web you.

Your target priority is webs, neuts, then all else.

Obviously, you need to get under the guns of any battleship and switch to Occult on them. Remember not to let your transversal drop below 270, even when approaching / closing in.

For T4 and T5 Abyss start blinging heavily. Start using implants, boosters, etc. Vedmak is good in Fire and Electrical filaments, it has a high natural Em and thermal resitances and its damage type does very well in both. It does relatively poorly in others. Fire is the one more difficult, but gives you a lot more income because you can sell off any gamma and exotic filaments.

If you find yourself lacking on tank and lose a ship do not get discouraged. You can dump one of the heat sinks in bottom and stick some extra tank in there, but your site completion times will go up quite a bit, so beware of the timer.

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