Abyssal Damage Type for Calm Dark?

So, I’ve run about 10 Abyssal sites so far, and they are really fun. Might be the most fun PvE I’ve had in EVE so far. I’ve been flying a Navy Caracal, which seems to work well. I’d like to start tackling some Tier 2s, but I still need practice in these Tier 1s, as I readily admit these things aren’t easy (for me, anyway). (Side note; I almost failed my last mission due to a pair of annoying Striking Damaviks that just wouldn’t die, in part from their repping, but in pat as my missiles seemed to fail to hit fairly often).

Anyway, to the point… I’ve watched all the videos, read through the forums, Reddit, etc., but I cannot find out if it is possible to know the damage type to deal BEFORE entering a Calm Dark Filament site.

From what I can sort, out, the following work, but I can’t figure out Dark:

Dark - ?
Electrical - EM
Firestorm - Thermal
Gamma - Explosive
Exotic - Kinetic

Any help would be welcome! Fly safe.

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So with dark, its actually dependant on the type of enemy you are against.

Every enemy in eve has a specific resistance hole that is specifically and inherently tied to that race. The only exception being incursions. But each race, be it drones, or drifters, have their inherent resistance weaknesses.

With all the other sites, this hole coincides with the resistance penalty of the filament, because the penalty amount is about the same. But with dark, you just need to know which type of enemy youre dealing with, and go from there.

Generally, they are weak to explosive. But i believe eve university has the list of what they are weak against.

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Thanks! So, is there a way to know which race you’ll be up against before you jump in?

I’ll check EVE Uni, also.

No. Each spawn is randomly generated once you enter. There is no way to know. You just have to jump in, switch ammo types, and start firing.

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Thermal is probably the best choice overall if you only had to select one type.

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As @Solonius_Rex said, Abyssal Depths Space are randomly generated of a set number of:

  • Enemies: Rogue Drones, Sleepers, Drifters or Triglavians.
  • # of ships: Frigates, Cruisers or Battleships
  • Beneficial Coulds - may be specific to the Filament type.
  • Triglavian Structures: Tracking Speed and AoE Damage

The damage type is tied to the enemy you get and not the Filament type.


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