Need Help For Enemy Damage Weaknesses In Abyssals

Hey so i mainly use an drone ship for abyssals, Any idea what the enemy is weak to for Firestorm? Currently i’ve started to use Infiltrator 1’s for tranquil firestorm but any ideas what they’re weak against? I’m thinking of trying out t1 soon

The same reduction in resistance that applies to you in the Abyssal site also applies to your opponents - so in a Firestorm that is a thermal reduction.

Selecting I (information) on a target will give you the resistance profile it currently has.

If you are trying with Infiltrators, a drone that does EM damage, try an Electrical Abyss. If you are picking Firestorm for the armour bonus then, I suspect you are flying a Gallente ship - the capacitor recharge bonus from an Electric Abyss will help you keep the armour repairer running longer.
Imagine paradise for Amarrian Turret ships…

The only change you’ll face stepping up to Tier 1 sites will be more NPCs. It shouldn’t be too big a step - I learnt in that tier before 0 was implemented.
Give it a go. The rewards are better.

I’ve been trying to try out t1 but it also gets destroyed in the end by those enemies, it seems my drones aren’t doing as much damage

Wouldn’t Dark give me an advantage if i’m using drones primarily? when the penalty is vs turrets

Possibly Dark Abysses may help - I don’t tend to use drones. I know that there are Automata suppression tower thingies that are murder to drones that get too close to them.

What are your drone skills like? Have you trained up the ones for increased damage, tracking and durability? They should help a lot.

Practically all my skills went into drones, especially the free mil points. I’ve mostly maxed out those that are alpha friendly, i was thinking of trying to build an abyssal drone ship with heavy shields possibly.

The firestorm filament gives a thermal resist penalty but also a bonus to armor. This means that depending on the filament the armor bonus outweighs the thermal penalty and the enemies are overall tankier even if your using thermal damage. Thermal will still be the best of course but you will feel the armor bonus especially when chewing through certain enemies.

The problem with dark filaments is that they increase speed with a penalty to turret optimal and falloff. While at first speed sounds good it means that your now faster drones vs faster enemies can’t track well and barely hit anything unless you have good skills and some way of slowing the enemies down enough. Even then, your drones can out track or out range themselves from moving too fast.

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