Help with abyss question

So all tutorials I find are 1. 2-3 years old. 2. always punisher.

So I wonder can I do Abyssal in an Incursus ? If so what fit can I use and what fillament ? Im sorry im not pro at fitting im still learning.

Look up AceFace on Youtube. He has tons of Abyss tutorials in all kinds of ships and all types of filaments…


This is up to date.

You’ll probably be best off starting with a Firestorm filament as it weakens the NPCs (and you) to thermal damage from hybrid turrets. It also gives a bonus to armour hit points. Start with the lowest, tranquil, filaments to get a flavour and work up from there.

Don’t take an expensive pod until you know what you are doing.

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Thanks a million.

Thanks allot yeah I seen a few of his tutorials but he had non on Incursus he had one one Catalyst which I will get when I have a bit more isk and preferably t2 small hybrid skills.

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