Help with abyss question

So all tutorials I find are 1. 2-3 years old. 2. always punisher.

So I wonder can I do Abyssal in an Incursus ? If so what fit can I use and what fillament ? Im sorry im not pro at fitting im still learning.

Look up AceFace on Youtube. He has tons of Abyss tutorials in all kinds of ships and all types of filaments…

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This is up to date.

You’ll probably be best off starting with a Firestorm filament as it weakens the NPCs (and you) to thermal damage from hybrid turrets. It also gives a bonus to armour hit points. Start with the lowest, tranquil, filaments to get a flavour and work up from there.

Don’t take an expensive pod until you know what you are doing.

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Thanks a million.

Thanks allot yeah I seen a few of his tutorials but he had non on Incursus he had one one Catalyst which I will get when I have a bit more isk and preferably t2 small hybrid skills.