Abyssal rat resistances confusion

I’m confused about Abyss rat resists.

Suitonia https://suitonia.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/the-demons-which-lurk-in-the-abyss/
Prefix Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP Shield Resists (Em/Tm/Ki/Ex) Armor Resists (Em/Tm/Ki/Ex) Hull Resists Kinetic DPS Thermal DPS Total DPS
Photic 9000 10625 10625 (0/20/40/50) (62.5/51.25/51.25/32.5) 33 68.10 40.09 108.19
Twilit 9000 10000 10625 (12.5/30/48.5/56.2) (68/59/78/59) 60 171.43 106.84 278.27
Bathyic 9000 20000 10625 (12.5/30/48.5/56.2) (68/59/59/68) 60 225.70 161.21 386.92
Hadal 11875 22500 13750 (12.5/30/48.5/56.2) (77/70/70/68) 60 275.46 196.76 472.21
Benthic 11875 25760 13750 (21/37/53/61) (76/68/68/70) 68 405.53 289.67 695.20

Eve Uni https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Abyssal_Deadspace#Best_damage_to_deal
Rogue drone battleship weaknesses are:
Benthic Abyssal Overmind: EM/Ex
Hadal Abyssal Overmind : EM
Bathyic Abyssal Overmind: Ex/EM
Twilit Abyssal Overmind: Kin/Ex (Kinetic is very large weakness. Bigger than from level 1-3 weather)
Photic Abyssal Overmind: EM (Very small weakness)

Spreadsheet of abyssal ship data https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RonD1IKLsWnnU8IQ26ykPCTJ3R_BprOL_xvv6VYevQE/edit#gid=1579595473

For the Twilit (rearranged to the same order as Suitonia)
Shield EM Damage Resistance 0.875
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance 0.7
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.525
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance 0.4375

Armor EM Damage Resistance 0.32
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance 0.41
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.23
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance 0.32

Suitonia’s data = 1 - spreadsheets/d/1RonD1IKLsWnnU8IQ26ykPCTJ3R_BprOL_xvv6VYevQE/edit#gid

So is Eve Uni right that the Twilit has a Kin hole? Suitonia says it is 78 for armor which looks like the highest or do I have it backwards? Is the 78% what I would see in pyfa if I could look at a Twilit? Looks like I should use Ex instead.

Take this as a rule of thumb:

1 Calm -30%
2 Agitated -30%
3 Fierce -30%
4 Raging -50%
5 Chaotic -70%

Abyssal weather effects:

Firestorm (thermal):

a bonus to armor HP and a penalty to thermal resistance

Electrical (EM):

penalty to EM resistance and a bonus to capacitor recharge

Gamma (explosive):

a bonus to shield HP and a penalty to explosive resistance


Penalty to turret optimal and falloff range and a bonus to maximum velocity
explosive and thermal

Exotic particles (kinetic):

penalties to kinetic resistance and a bonus to scan resolution

Meaning the weather effect tells you, which would be the best damage type to use in all 3 rooms except for the dark one, in there I suggest explosive damage (tried with the Sacrilege).

Thanks but I actually did a spreadsheet with the resists of a bunch of the different rats, my skills and then checked the effects for each effect to confirm the right missiles and drones to use (with a Gila). Generally the rule that you match the room penalty was right but in Electrical I found that for the Triglavian ships it is better to use Hammerheads and in a Gamma it is Hammerheads for Triglavians and Drifters. Not a huge difference but I like knowing :slight_smile: I’m only on the Agitated sites and as you go higher the difference is even less, at Raging it is only the Electrical where there is a difference and for Chaotic you match the drone to the penalty.

Sounds like I need to let the Eve Uni folks know that their page is backwards? Maybe it was based on the same site where the guy who did the spreadsheet got his data and they didn’t realize it was 1 - x.

I thought fierce is -50%

I got this from EVE UNI, so I can neither confirm or deny any of it.

Here’s the idiot proof response.
For everything except minus kin res weather load thermal missiles on gila have fun

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Quoted for truth.

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