Question about Abyssals

hey guys

I was not sure were to post this, basically me and a friend have decided to play eve together and we weren’t aware of abyssals, seems like fun.

So from what i understand, you need to buy filaments from the market, mostly jita, and then go activate the filament, ive got a little chart which shows me the different elements, weaknesses etc

But here are my questions

How do you tell if a filament is T1/T2/T3 etc?

Can you do filaments with just 2 people, i read co-op requires 3 frigates?

Thanks all.

Each has a nodule on the top. 1 through to 5, which indicates their level.

The Tier 1 filaments are the “Calm” ones, a sensible place to start.

I don’t know how feasible they are with two frigates, but you can access them with “up to three”. Worth giving it a try.

I normally run Abyssal sites in a Heavy Assault Cruiser, so I have a different experience of them - HACs are tough punchy ships. But for the Tier 1 Abyssal sites I can see that a reasonably fit set of T1 frigates could manage it quite well. Read the environment type carefully and pick with care.

Filaments are normally found as part of exploration or from conduits - unless you are able to spend the time in the former or tackle the latter buying them is the best approach. Expect to pay about 200-300k for a Calm Electrical Filament. Each ship needs a Filament.

If you spot me on line and need a third member give me a shout.

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Calm - T1
Agitated - T2
Fierce - T3
Raging - T4
Chaotic - T5

Solo Cruiser - 1 Filiment
1-3 Frigates - 3 Filiments

If you are newer to Eve in general grab a cruiser and try a T1. You can rather easily run a T1 in a solo frigate, but it does require some knowledge of how to mitigate damage via piloting.

You can read informations in game in agency windows.

Click on “Filaments & Abyssal Weather” for informations about Tiers.

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