PVPQuest - 42 Kills - Slasher [WIP, 42/42] Going to cut the video this week hopefully

Quick Intro

This is my second PVPQuest thread! The rifter one went well enough and now it is time to move onto the slasher.

PVP Videos

Soon to come after a few more kills and like 5 hours of editing.

More Notes to Pilots I’ve Faced

Thanks for all the good fights as always. The slasher has been a fun experience so far and has a bit of flexibility in terms of fitting styles. Looking forward to the journey. As always, I’m up for a duel, so come find me in Tama.

Ship Choice: Slasher

Having experienced what the rifter was all about, the slasher was an interesting transition into more control typically at the cost of ehp. So far I’ve dabbled with two fits, each having their own niche. I would say the slasher is quite strong so far given it’s agility and damage (when set up to facetank). I still think I enjoy the plated rifter when scram kiting moreso (given its endurance).

The first fit is the paper thin TD slasher. It does relatively poor damage, has basically no tank, but does handily impact turret users. I’ve been somewhat successful and will continue to test as my TD skills improve (over several days). Thus far results have been mixed, and fights have had to be rather selective. Drones and missiles shred this thing as well.

The second fit I love a whole bunch more. This fit is a MSE build with scram kite and almost 200 dps. The mixed guns are due to my skills catching up via AWU V and rigging. Often this fit sits and facetanks/facemelts on the novice button. Reasonably good success with it so far, and it is pretty fun if a bit pricier for a t1 frigate.

Onward to the kills!

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Well I began this exercise by losing the slasher a few times to different setups in order to test its initial limits. The build I used for these kills/losses is the TD build.

I’ve found that thus far, I have trouble with thrashers (even with the TD). Perhaps with perfect TD skills that might change, but they melt me. Most often I tried to use range reduction.

FNC fights go pretty well and may turn out positively upon maxing out relevant skills. I do have to kill drones first though as they will burn down my ab speed tank in a hurry.

K 1 : Piggy backed onto a baity epithal and popped a rifter for the first kill with this hull.

K 2: Also snagged a tristan, which I would never fight alone with this hull using the TD build (would get murdered by drones).

K 3: This DD kill was another proud, goofy moment by following around that bait epithal and dogpiling on.

K 4: Tagged a baity heron from range.

K 5: Notice a huge fight occurring on the Nourv gate in Tama. There was a gate camp there for at least an hour and a wrecking ball crew came in. I noticed them calling primary on this ONI, so I hopped in for some quick whoring.

K 6, 7: Tama was heating up quite a bit and a novice brawl broke out where I tagged a slicer and RFF.

K 8: Had an impromptu joinup with some folks I’ve fought and played with over the past month or two. We dunked this astero as a result, though I died in a glorious fire.

K 9: Also popped a merlin, here the TD seemed to do a relatively good job.

K 10: Popped a slasher, got a good landing on him and maintained transversal once I noticed the arty in my damage log.

K 11: Got credit for a rifter kill that may have resulted from previous combat.

All in all the TD build is fun, but a bit on the hairs edge regarding one small mistake and poof. EHP is really weak.

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Onward now to the surprise pew pew brawl fit. I really am enjoying this as it has good escape capability, moderate endurance (4k ehp) and almost 200 dps heated at close range. That’s a pretty good setup for a t1 frigate (though I can’t wait to move on to the breacher soon).

K 12 : Good fight against a tristan, landed at 0 and I maintained 500-1500 m range. 200 dps melted him, though his structure was tanky.

K 13: Proud moment killing a garmur as I said what the heck and stuck around for the warp in. Caught before he could move off.

Loss: Here is an important loss for my tanky fit. This dramiel is more or less my mirror with more ehp and similar dps (due to drones). I have a bit more than 4k ehp with my build and eft suggests he has closer to 7k or so. With equivalent dps, it’s an easy win for him.

K 14/15: Shameful cyno kills!

K 16/17: Two tristan kills. I was following these guys around for a bit. Landed on the novice gate whilst one was warping in. Caught the second one outside and popped him. Later I killed the other one inside. For tristans, and other kiters, I need to catch them as there isn’t much time for a slingshot. I could possibly kill drones in time, but that is risky.

Last loss for the night was against another garmur. This time he pulled range (got a web off but no scram :frowning: ). Still worth trying to snag those at times.

Thanks all for the great fights! More to come.

Out of curiousity, why 42 kills? Seems strangely specific for a goal to pick.

Total Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference :slight_smile:. Plus it felt like a good amount of kills to shoot for when trying for solo. Would take a week or two (or three) with my playtime normally.

Ahh, I thought so but it didn’t seem appropriate. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Murder in Space perhaps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah yes, absolutely yes. Well off to bed, work calls for tomorrow.

Two more kills tonight and a few losses. All in all, a slow night.

Two losses to mao in kitey fits to the brawler slasher. Good fights, it’s pretty hard to get that scram off in time it seems. Might be worthwhile to get an abyssal scram to try and counter kiters a bit better. The extra 1km or so may be all that’s needed, but it makes the slasher a bit pricey.

K 18: Afk rifter, he was 7000 km off the gate so I probed him down. Then popped.

K 19: Snagged a kitey INS. He almost popped me with solid dps against shield.


Bunch of a kills and a bunch more losses. Most losses due to trying out the paper thin weapon disruptor vs a variety of ships.

K 20: Brawled down an algos in PH land.

K 21: Saw a bait fight going on at the nourv gate. Joined in and hung around while all the fireworks lit up from the cyno and SB that popped in. Should have warped but decided to not care.

K 22: Helped kill the bait cyno.

K 23: Snagged an INS on the button in a novice.


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Good lord man…

Yea, if patience is a virtue, then Eve is most virtuous.

More losses and fun kills! Did some lightweight multiboxing to mix it up a little.

K 24: Landed on this atron with one of my boxes in tow.

K 25: Fun cruiser kill on a stranded thorax with the multibox and some other folks. I lost the slasher though.

K 26: Another boxing explosion.

K 27: Great solo fight with Leahim, fun to pilot against him. He popped my kiting ship so we 1v1’d with the brawler vs his kiting setup. Close but the slasher inched ahead.

K 28: Landed on a scram kite tormentor in a novice. Was a good fight and he had a nice damage match against my shields. A bit of orbit at 500 helped mitigate some damage as I brawled him down.


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More kills for the kill god! And a loss or two for it as well.

K 29: Sometimes a kill just walks up to you and says, please, kill me. I know that I’ve done that for others too.

K 30: A good cluster brawl that resulted in popping this atron. I have reasonable look with atrons using my brawl fit. The TD fit is pretty damn difficult to get enough range in order to survive the first few hits. Fights are close but I haven’t won many with the TD against blaster atrons.

K 31: This was a typical multibox pew.

K 32: Nice baiting on this one. I sat in the novice with a temporary fleetmate on a perch. Saw the DD en route so I scrammed and started orbitting close. He didn’t even bother firing a shot and possibly I would have just killed him solo. I haven’t had the best luck though solo against DD, worms, and garmurs for obvious reasons (especially if snaked).

K 33: Came back for revenge on this keres. My first attempt I flew into a pack and approached, but a buddy of his wrecked me before I could do much. Second attempt I warped in nearly on top of him (super lucky) and proceeded to whore/kill. His dampening was crazy on my rifter, like below 7km target range.

K 34: Nice solo kill vs an RFF. Honestly, I thought this would be a losing battle, but I managed to pop him with my brawler first.

Hey All,

Had another batch of good fights and tons of fun with the brawler slasher (and TD slasher). Before I get to the kills, I fought a dude that whooped my ass several times along with other folks on the field, so props to Gackel MDC, his DD is tough as ■■■■.

K 35: Fought luks several times, good fun and it goes to show the strength of the Astero 1v1. I didn’t think we could cloak still inside the novice, but he proved it otherwise. Fight was close the first time, then I died. I returned and tried to murder some drones, which worked a bit but I ran out of tank and bailed. Finally, a frenemy and I teamed up and popped him.

K 36: Good bait fight with Zhora.

K 37: Luks was back again and I new I couldn’t solo his astero in my fit. Worked with another dude, Lerq Staw (props to him) to bait the astero. This was a super fun fight and the bait was great. We accidentally sprung the trap a bit early so his tristan and my slasher were inside the novice with a cloaked (patient) astero. I messaged Lerq to tell him like we should fake fight, and he agreed. So I scrammed him and he pulled range. At this point the astero uncloaks to nail one of us (me first). We switch our guns onto him, and pew. Got it on video too. Great fight Luks.

K 38: Another great/sacrificial kill. I baited for this DD knowing that I have a half-life on the order of 2 seconds against DDs. Lerq came in and mopped up after I put him roughly into half armor before popping with my brawl slasher. DD are just so damn tough.

Cheers to all pilots for and against!

Some of those kills are pretty impressive in a slasher man, congrats! All my slashers have been paper thin instalockers for camping null gates. It’s surprisingly easy to get it over 3k scan res, easier even than it’s interceptor cousins.

Thanks Ranar, cheaper too than the inty variant. They are nice to buy like 20 or 40 with a multifit in mind. At least that’s what I do.


Finally the remainder of the kills are done!

K39: Did a bit of baiting with dual tristan alts, fun, gimicky, and bait slasher is kinda meh.

K 40: I liked having a scout and one alt to push up dps. It’s pretty impressive what 5k EHP and 300 dps (200 from the slasher and 100 from the alt) can do. Definitely is past the boundary of being balanced for all but likely the worm, DD, and anything that can escape.

K 41: Saw a stiletto had something tackled, so I jumped right on in with an alt in tow.

K 42: Finished off the 42nd kill with a slicer, he was pulse heavy and possibly could have popped me if it wasn’t for the dps assistance in the race of dmg with my alt.

That’s 42!

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