PVPQuest - 42 Kills - Rifter [FINISHED, 42/42] w/ Video Explanations

Quick Intro

I’ve recently come back to the game (too many times that I’ve made that comment before). I’m taking it upon myself to explore every single combat ship, record lessons learned, and pass that on to the community. After a few of these posts I’ll cross-link them into a single thread. Videos will come with the content periodically both showing victories and defeats with some commentary.

PVP Videos

Full Disclosure: Comments on types of fights

  1. Some fights are solo*. I run alts but they often are scouts so that I can find fights a bit more quickly.
  2. Some fights are fleet/gate camp
  3. Some kills include pods (if they were worth it)
  4. Sometimes it’s nice to DIAF, I like to see how these ships perform when fighting risky targets.

More Details: Implants

The majority of these fights only have a fitting implant for grid, I’ll comment (if I remember to) which fights had other stuff like snakes and so on. Apart from the fitting implant, I wanted to see what I could do with the base hull and not using pirate implants. Finally, not having pirate implants ends up being a bit more relaxing (regarding getting the pod out).

Notes to pilots I faced

Thanks for the great fights! This has been a great educational experience and I appreciate the commitment that people put into their fitting and flying. It definitely is a “craft”, and it makes this game unique. If you see me in game, please ask for a duel, and I’ll try to accommodate that request (right now I only fly rifters, but more soon!).

Ship Choice: Rifter

Minmatar ships have style, if style includes duct tape and aluminum foil. I remember many years back reading a comment stating “Flying Minmatar is like going down a flight of stairs taped to an office chair, firing an uzi in each hand”.

Practically speaking, speed, tank variability, typically a nice balance in mids/lows, falloff, and some damage selection characterizes these ships for me.

On to the rifter. After playing with the rifter for several months (different character along with Neb), I’ve primarily settled on the plated ancillary scram kiter fit. I’ve tried several variations on the rifter fitting including: mwd instead of ab for the scram kite, disruptor instead of scram and using barrage, artillery fits (somewhat difficult with power grid), and the occasional kiter. I’ve come to the conclusion that the rifter, when fighting in falloff for most targets does reasonably well with t1 frigates, but it is a bit difficult to fight upward (or against blobs).

Here is the fit that I use primarily. The plate is wonderful as it gives the rifter a surprising amount of staying power in 1v1 fights. Needs a grid implant to fit, super tight.

And now the kills, losses and commentary. Videos coming.

Record: 42 K / ~42 L (Nearly 500 give or take a few kills/losses)

K 1 : Sometimes eve just smiles at you, for whatever reason when I got underway, I was fortunate enough to run into a suspect orca right at Jita undock (or should I say a good 60 km off station).

K 2 : I spied a Fed Navy Comet encountering another Fed Navy Comet at a novice, I hopped in and attempted to fight both. One comet destroyed the other (failed to whore) and then I finished off the victor (great space honor here). Would have had the pod, but I burned my guns.

L 1 : Faced off against a thrasher, knowing that this fight would be difficult. Both got into structure, but frankly he would have melted me faster if he had a t2 fit. The neut on the thrasher also caused issues with maintaining ancil reps along with tackle.

L 2 : Fought a cruor, now I knew this would probably be a loss, but again it’s fun to see how bad of a loss. The plate held up rather well for a good period of time. But ultimately, cap warfare reduced my repair capability and I poofed. The drone did around 20% or so of his dps, might have been worthwhile to kill that as the fight went on for a bit (he was beam and I did well with range).

K 3, 4 : Fought the same guy twice. He was in an INS and I was positioned on the button inside a novice. Both times I scrammed off his MWD. First fight I made a mistake and pre-loaded barrage. This lowered my dps a bit, but he died just the same. Made a few additional mistakes with heat management, but I didn’t burn anything out.

L 3 : Fought a hookbill. This was another fight I was very skeptical about regarding the hookbills mids. Additionally, the guy that flies this doesn’t 1v1 much so I was likely doomed anyways (plus I think he flies shiney). He was shield fit, and I didn’t have EMP loaded. Additionally a daredevil came in to mop things up.

K 5 : AFK Garmur + Pod. Again there are times when you roll the dice and Eve throws you a bone. In this case the garmur was sitting outside of a novice gate. I landed on top and killed quickly (along with the pod). There was a cloaky loki though …

L 4 : Cloaky loki got me. I nearly got away as well as his point dropped. My dumb mistake was to get greedy and try and snag the garmur loot during the fight. Still a satisfying (if honorless) kill.

L 5 : Republic fleet firetail: I knew I was going up against a likely loss here, but I wanted to try (and I was bored). The RFF is more a less bigger version of my rifter with that extra web. The fight was close though and I think if I had barrage loaded, I might have been a bit luckier.

K 6 : Worm. This was a good awareness and timing kill. The worm aggressed me from station (my character isn’t a pirate yet). He started taking guns which ruined him pretty quickly. Around half armor I noticed he wasn’t catching remote reps, so I locked him up and gate guns did most of the work.

K 7 : Joined up with the worm guys corp for a bit. Popped a typhoon with some station games.

K 8 : And an algos with a few folks.

K 9 : For the big kill of the night, we fleeted up with another corp and went hunting. Caught a Leshak doing a site (not sure if it was bait that went wrong).

K 10: Final kill of that session involved being point fodder (ate gate guns) for the fleet and tackling a thorax. In retrospect, I should have aligned first.

L 6: And the gate guns ended me. Should have aligned.

More to come in the following weeks along with video! Please let me know if there any questions.



Nice post, thanks for sharing.

A few more kills and a few more losses from last night!

K 11 : Rifter vs Rifter fight, super satisfying. The fight was pretty close and I forgot to use my DPS drugs. I’m trying to drill the usage of those consumables into my head, but some of them are just worth popping before the hunt. The pyrolancea can actually last through quite a few fights. His fit was a 200mm plate compared to my 400mm very close.

Draw then L 7: Fought sir yag (gfs bro) several times. The first fought I had him square but he was able to outpace my scram kite and get off in structure. The second fight was close but I made a mistake and burned back in. Poof.

K 12 : This was an extremely fun fight. I was dueling another rifter and a thrasher hops in to go 1v1v1. Because of rifter brotherhood (or some other non-sense) we both just switched to the thrasher and melted him. I warped off after in structure.

L 8 : Super close fight against Elliot. Another near mirror match where his 200mm auto/ 200mm plate prevailed over the 150mm auto and 400mm plate. Deep structure for both parties.

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Good stuff. Keep it going

More kills for the kill god. And more losses too.

L 9 : Really good fight with a kestrel, it was armor fit, which surprised me a bit, additionally they bring a bit of range control due to the generous mid-slot layout. Next time I might pre-load barrage when I know that I will be scram kited by more than one web.

K 13 : Dove in on the kestrel while he was fighting an INS, popped him in the midst of the other fight he was engaged in. Tried to fight the slicer, but barrage couldn’t hit far enough. I knew the slicer pilot and he flies with implants, so I pulled range and exited on the next slingshot opportunity.

L 10 : CNH, was polarized fit. Got melted but I should have paid attention to that he was double web fit instead of web scram. Had at least several seconds to warp out and was mid alignment before I popped. Good kill for him.

K 14 : Saw a damavik on scan and waited inside a novice. I literally had no idea how these things fly so I said what the hell and tried to fight it. To my surprise he melted pretty quickly. He was dual rep fit and couldn’t rep past my guns on heat (rep fleet fusion). Still a bit confused on this fight and how well it went. Got the pod too.

K 15 : Fought a gang of 3 and almost survived on the fight. Killed an atron and maintained good range. Nearly killed the rifter.

L 11 : Lost to the rifter in the gang of 3 fight mentioned above. Both in deep structure. Was pretty excited to nearly pull off a 3 v 1, but that’s how it goes.

L 12: Welped into a praxis, wanted to see how long I’d last. That praxis gang later would cyno up and bait out a vindi. I lasted a while, but had trouble killing his drones.

K 16 : Melted an incursus.

K 17: Had a close fight with a tormentor and landed the kill. Was a bit nervous as I’ve heard about how strong tormentors are. Figuring he was beam I orbited at 500. Not clear how much that helped, plate ftw.


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nice damavik kill, im confused how you beat that too lol

Probably is lack of resist rofile on his part.

Keep up the pew pew :slight_smile:

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Another bunch of kills and losses!

L 13 : Fought a retribution at the sun, did well until his backup in the form of a wolf came in and got wrecked. Forgot to use my dps drugs. Also, when fighting assault frigates I need to remember to not heat the weapons until I begin doing damage when the super DCU wears off.

K 18: atron, pulled range and approached when he was starting to leave. Little mistake on landing, otherwise good fight. I’m still in the midst of debating hail vs faction fusion when fighting low transverse high dps ships like this.

L 14 : First time fighting a kikimora. It did a huge amount of damage before I could even try to slingshot. Got wrecked.

L 15 : RFF, super close fight, not sure if barrage was the best idea as most of the engagement was within 7 km. I should have also started my repairer a bit earlier. The guy was arty fit, but could also dictate range (probably if he was dual web). I know the rifter is at a bit of a disadvantage here, but I like taking this fight as it is usually close. Later he does die, but I don’t get the killshot (though I get on the mail).

L 16, 17 : Messed up my slingshots a few times on this INS pilot. He’s known for hg snakes, so my slingshots have to be somewhat perfect. I would state that given the plate and ab, it’s relatively hard to slingshot with this fit. Need much more slingshot practice. It is worthwhile to load barrage though and plink away.

Draw on a punisher. I’ve found that punishers can be a bit of a counter for me as they have such a beefy tank. Did a good range fight with a dual plated AC punisher. At the end we both were in structure but he warped off. I might have been able to close the deal with a bit better timing.

K 19 : Did a really good scram kite on a FNC. Started off around 10k and used hail if I remember. I try to fight these like a more dangerous atron (though they are a bit slower).

K 20 : Ripped an atron.



This is awesome! Keep it going man

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K 21 : Empty atron in a novice.

K 22: Melted an atron.

L 18 : Tried fighting a dramiel. The neut pressure was way to much and damage application was a bit difficult. The dramiel was scram kite fit as well and tore me up.

L 19 : Props to this punisher pilot. I was nowhere near prepared for a triple rep punisher. I ended up getting on the killmail later when snuffed popped him. Almost a 100 mil fit punisher! During the fight I would get him near mid to 1/3 armor, then he would rep straight back. I probably could have pulled range as he didn’t have much range control. Something to focus on when playing against punishers is the ability to escape!

K 23 : Dogpiled a dragoon. I knew from this guys fit, there was no way I could solo with my rifter. So I brought in some help with my 2 alts in catalysts.

K 24 : Good atron fight, scram kited and barely had any range mistakes. Definitely pulling about 4750 m range on blasters is worthwhile to do (given the rifter’s falloff strength.

K 25 : Hecate, like the dragoon, I knew there was no way that I could probably solo this guy. So I aligned up my catalysts and began the fight. Catalysts were on the way when snuffed comes out of nowhere and helps me explode this guy (swiftly might I add). Thanks snuffed. They also popped my two catas but the rifter lived for another day!

K 26 : Evaporated a condor, he landed on the button in the novice and got promptly massacred. As a side note, the TD condors can be a bit tricky and require a bit of manual flying in order to reduce transversal (as they typically TD the tracking on a projectile ship).

K 27 : Had a really fun fight with a TD slasher. He had good endurance and it got somewhat close. Needed a ton of manual piloting and moving in and out in order to get good hits. Fortunately, he made a mistake and burnt his guns (although I almost did too). Really fun endurance fight.

K 28: Killed an empty bait punisher and bailed out hard (loki and other stuff showed up on as it popped).

K 29: Hunted down a heron with my cloaky alts, and then pounced on him.

L 20 : Super close fight with a FNC. I made a mistake by approaching when he was near death as I thought he was running. I should have trusted in my range control abilities as I was a bit faster during the fight. When I got within 2km he lit me up and I died when he was in about 25% or less structure. Great fight, and it goes to show that the rifter can hold it’s own when flown correctly.

K 30 : Murdered a slasher. In like 5 seconds.

K 31 : So tristans can be a bit scary, especially when they get in the complex first. He had a good 14 or so km of range and began to kite me. I had messed around fighting him before several times and knew he was kite fit. This was a good chance for me to keep practicing my feeble slingshot skills. I also am a believer in plinking away at him with barrage so that’s what I did during the fight. It was close all the way to the end when I popped him. Great fight on that, and I still couldn’t execute a proper slingshot. I’m not sure if ab + heavy plate makes it futile or not, but I’ll keep trying.

In other news, finally got some video editing software going and like 150 gigs of fight movies. Going to start piecing them together.



GF learned alot about flying a slicer from fighting you.

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Thanks niquid, it’s always fun to fly the rifter versus the slicer. If I can get the jump it usually works out, but if the slicer is snaked, then my probability for success goes down pretty dramatically.

Bunch more losses and one kill, the eve gods were a bit less kind.

L: 22-32 Some losses were due to blob, others were due to me trying to land a kill before the blob arrived. Also lost a handful due to engaging snaked slicers and other kitey stuff. For the most part I’ve found that slingshots are pretty damn hard to accomplish with a plate and ab fit.

K: 32 kestrel, this guy made me rethink my strategy after several close fights and losses. I wittled him down first from around 15 km with barrage then when I noticed him turning around I re-approached. Starting the fight from close range was too difficult to survive (he’d burn me up). Kestrel ancil range control is awesome for a cheap frigate.

K 33: This guy was mean, the dual rep incursus couldn’t hold me down well, but he certainly had a tough tank. I’m not sure if I could have just worn down his cap charges and worked on him from range for awhile first (and killed drones).

K 34: Another successful atron kill, the plated rifter does such a good job against the fotm atron.

K 35: This fight was a bit crazy as it involved multiple parties, I believe I ended up dying eventually to one of the follow on fights. The breacher 1v1 is a pretty scary ship with reasonable scram kite and a strong active dual tank.

K 36: Got some damage on Joe but popped to his FNC. 1v1 the rifter has a good shot against these larger atrons.


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The final batch of kills and losses!

Lost a few rifters to blobs and some solo fights with a DD. Don’t think that I could hold my own against the DD no matter what I did. Was fun to try though.

Lost a good match to Ilya in a tristan, got close and i melted my guns by mistake. Next time I’m going to remember that I can ungroup guns and maybe have a few left over.

Had some other really close fights with FNC, he got into deep hull. Sometimes I can pull off the win on these, but I’d say it’s less than 50 percent just due to their massive damage. Rail FNC are much scarier.

K 37: Whored in on a scythe kill (bait scythe) that I notice Dankster in his nomen blasting away.

K 38: Multi group fight and locked up and worked down an omen (1/2).

K 39: Continuation of the previous fight and got some damage on a second omen, scratched the paint really.

K 40: Lerq ended up popping following our close duel, due to others getting in on the fun.

K 41: Killed a few guys then landed on this tristan. Out dps’d him though my tank was pressured a bit due to neuts. The plate held up well.

K 42: Final kill, and it was pretty cool. I was exploring a bit and noticed a garmur had tackled a hurricane. I thought this was bait but said what the heck, messaged the garmur, and started assisting on damage. Had to warp out several times due to cane damage. I primarily shot his drones as he’d switch them to me when I got in range.

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