Rifter PvP Video

Just me or these forums are ■■■■ now?

Anyway this is a Rifter video I made. It is also ■■■■, just like this game.


My current character was created in 2017 (or some time very recent, I forget) but I have been playing this game since sometime before 2006. I was only 11 years old when I first tried this game. I’m 24 now.

Around 2008 I was flying the Rifter, except I flew it differently than everybody else, because I wanted to be different. So I flew it with artillery rather than autocannons, which everybody else seemed to use. After several brutal fails at Rifter PvP, the fit I settled on looked something like


250mm Artillery Cannon x3 loaded with faction EMP, Fusion or Phased Plasma

1mn AB
warp disruptor
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor

Tracking Enhancer x2
Small Inefficient Armor Repair Unit

There were no SAARs back then, and the asteroids looked like potatoes.

So did the Dominix. But none of that matters. The point is, the Rifter was awesome, and it was pretty much the best frigate in the game for a cheap price.

I also ended up flying the Incursus with Railguns, at a time when the Incursus was absolute trash with only two low slots, so I flew it with a Railgun hulltank fit and killed many a Rifter even though it was highly underestimated. This was all on my first character Dorian Tormak, who was sold a few years ago.

As you are all aware (or should be), Rifter has had a fairly major fall from grace since those days. We’ve gone from Canes and Drakes Online to Ishtars Online to T1 cruisers Online to T3Ds Online to Capitals Online and now to Jaguarceptors Online.

IIRC the Rifter had a tracking bonus back then. Today it has a falloff bonus and no utility highslot. As it turns out this makes my old concept fitting for the Rifter even more relevant than it used to be, because 280mm Howitzers have excellent falloff.

So the new fit looks like


280mm Howitzer Artillery x3

1mn Y-S8 Compact AB
Initiated Compact Warp Disruptor
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Counterbalanced Gyrostabilizer
Gyrostabilizer II
Small Ancillary Armor Reparier
Nanofiber Internal Structure

Small Projectile Collision Accelerator II
Small Projectile Ambit extension (for more falloff range)

This fit with faction close range ammo gives 7,500 optimal range and 19,000 falloff range

And with Quake S loaded and a few implants, is capable of reaching 1k volley damage (while still having 19km falloff range)

It is by far my favourite fit for the Rifter that I’ve ever flown. I’m sad I never made videos with it before, but this is my first attempt to bring the Rifter back to its glory days.

My video is garbage, and poorly edited. But it’s here and I just wanna throw it out here now and hopefully make some more in the future. And maybe climb my way up the ship ladder again for more exciting ships.

Anyway that’s all.

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Very nice!

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enjojed watching, got some nice fights there! :)))

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The sequel is out now

I call it

Rifter 2

Gonna keep it going for now, as I have a few ideas on how to upgrade the fitting to make it better

And then probably make a null sec version of the fit

After that, I’ll move on to showcase other ships

There’s some things I’m curious about with your fit; reconstructing it in the client with my own skills I get a 7.5+15.75 km range without the rig, so close to 23 kilometers at the edge of falloff with faction damage ammunition, pushing out 904 alpha and ~143 DPS; with Quake loaded range goes to 3.75+15.75 km, 917 alpha and ~145 DPS- though the tracking does go up obviously compared to the faction damage rounds.

I’m very curious as to the reasoning behind the long point instead of a scram; is it because being mostly in lowsec there’s a lot more AB frigs than there are MWD kiting frigates, and the point lets you hold either type at arm’s length, which seems rather important given how thinly tanked the fit is, only about 2.1k EHP?

The low-sec meta is AB-intensive, but MWD fits can certainly give the point-Rifter a run for its money(edit: utterly destroy it). But it’s always rock paper scissors no matter what you fly. The range on the arties is more inclined to operate at mid-point range rather than in scram range where it’s falloff bonus would be basically useless. An arty Firetail for example, which doesn’t have a range bonus, would be more inclined to scram kite than the arty Rifter. Which is why I run the point to begin with, to utilize the falloff bonus, making it possible to kite AB-fit Firetails and Comets outside of web range (which still seems to be very difficult for me even if everything goes my way)

If you get anywhere near web range against an AB-fit arty Firetail, you’ll be two-shotted into oblivion

Rifter 3 is out now.

I know nobody cares but I wanted to make some good videos before EvE dies or before life gets too hectic and I don’t get the chance to do it again.

They’re nothing special but Rifter 3 is the best one yet IMO. I slayed one each of the four navy combat frigs to make this ■■■■. If nothing else, it is a record of my greatest life achievements. :DD

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