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I am an Alpha alt and have joine dFaction Warfare on the Minmatar side. As soemthing different I have decided to stick with Minmatar ships and so have recently been training into a rifter.

This is the fit I currently have. And it isn’t doing particularly well. Even without the Armour repper on Cap only last 45 seconds, it is stable with the MWD off. Damge is absolutely crap, I had to pull out of a fight with a T1 fitted Tristan today as I just couldnt even punch through the shields… I was going for drones first but had only taken one down before I was in 50% armour myself, so switched to the ship, Luckily he didnt have a scram so I was able to get out.

Ill use faction ammo from now on that will migate a little of that lack of damage and I’ve still some turret based skills to train into but wondered if there was a better fit out there for solo roaming and looking at probably other alphas, frigates as targets.

[Rifter, Rifter]
Small Armor Repairer I
Counterbalanced Compact Gyrostabilizer
200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
100mm Steel Plates I

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Warp Disruptor I
X5 Enduring Stasis Webifier

125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I

Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Projectile Ambit Extension I
Small Projectile Ambit Extension I

EMP S x5189
Fusion S x4515

This is the standard lowsec rifter fit, you can downgrade modules as needed for fitting and skills.

[Rifter, 200mm]

200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Damage Control II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
Gyrostabilizer II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II

Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator II

Barrage S x720
Hail S x720
Nanite Repair Paste x16
Republic Fleet EMP S x720
Republic Fleet Fusion S x720
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S x720

Thanks @Magalaus_Shardani ill stick that in PYFA and see how it is with my skills

Stable with repper off, 51 seconds cap with it on, better than previously, cannot fit T2 guns as yet so will downdrage for now, ill try this

something to keep in mind is that FW frigate fights are usually quite short, usually less than 30s so cap shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


It’s tough to be cap stable with a MWD without high skills or bling fits. An afterburner might be a good alternative.

In PvP sometimes it better to forego the active tank over more effective HP, and that can make cap requirements for sustained combat (and EWAR) easier to meet.

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https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Kusunoki_Kenshin please feel free to message in game if you still fancy flying Riffys into FW. :slight_smile:

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