So signing into the eve store today to renew my montly subscription. Inotice a notification linking off to a page showing a sell for 1.62 mil SP… Wasnt it just over a year ago CCP said they wouldnt be selling these types of packs to players? Let alone it shows it as if its a discounted price even though the packs not for sale on the main market,… Which makes it appear quite shady.

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They are now selling also packs of skills that vanish after few days.

Bethesda got a nice class action suit started against them for doing the same thing. But then, they have a lot more people playing FO76 than PA/CCP has playing EVE. As well as a lot more money rolling in. Not worth suing these guys. The win will barely cover the lawyer costs.

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Those are at least temporary and do not effect the game long term. This other though is a deal obviously not being offered to eveeyone which seems odd.

Not really interested in suing. the only thing i want is some honesty. if you are going to do it then do it. But dont claim as a company that itll be a one time thing (Last summer) then proceed to do it more and in a more secretive way.

Corporations are people and money is speech. At least according to the puppet government of the authoritarian dystopia that my country shares a border with.

So don’t think of it as suing. Think of it as a heated disagreement between friends.

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I will pay good money for SP from CCP as long as I get the 1.6 million sp and not 300,000 because I have the amount of sp I have now, P2W the only way to go!

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I think it is great for mid term 50Mil+ pilots who want to pump some skill points.

You do in fact get the 1.62 mil SP

Ibeleive its also only being marketd to those midrange pilots and pilots who havent been on in awhile.

I tend to keep extracting sp from this pilot to keep under the 50Mil

Why do you believe that?

This deal shows up on every single pilot in my 23 accts. They range from a few million to a few hundred million SP and from logging in once every few years to being logged in all day, every day. From occasionally being PLEXed to never having been unsubbed in a decade. That pretty much covers the entire spectrum.

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I love how we keep getting these threads each time someone notices it, and goes off an on “grrr CCP is selling SP” despite the fact that the promise was made like half a decade ago and they’ve been doing this regularly since like 2019.

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They first started selling SP somewhere before 2010 with starter packs if you really look for it.
Just people back then understood that SP did not equal winning so no one got upset about P2W

Is any of those 23 accounts younger than a year?

I didn’t get the offer on my newest account (± 8 months old).

It think it’s likely that amount of activity, Omega status or SP all don’t matter to get this offer, only the age of the account.

Not sure what you mean by “midrange”.

Xuixien had 128m SP when she received this offer. I’ve had many lapsed months.

I heard on TiS that it was being offered to people who have had lapsed subs, and that this was a way for them to to pay a bit extra and get a month of SP (1.6m at 27/21 remap). With the accelerator though it comes to 2.4m SP in total (assuming optimal remap and no implants).

I thought about this offer for a while, and I decided to take CCP up on it. Doesn’t seem very gamebreaking to allow people to pay CCP for SP that they would have been paying CCP for anyway. Still took the same amount of time to have gotten to X amount of SP.

I bought the pack. I have all the packs except for like the SKINS ones for $35. I liked how the other ones have come with Omega time, but next May I will have to actually subscribe.

Username checks out.

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