Best starter pack for a returning player?

There used to be different packs with different sets of bonus/ships/skill injectors. On the main page I only saw some odd pack with just some microplex or whatever it is.

are there other starter packs still out there or should I ignore it and just start playing the game on empty account?
I would like to start out fresh on new player.

I dont know how starter packs work or what they give as ive never bought those but i remember seeing some on steam and amazon and similar sites.
I personally dont like starter packs, you may get all sort of things in them, some of which you will have no use for and thus you end up wasting money on things you dont need …

I’d rather just buy a bunch of plexes and sell those on the market for some isk and do whatever i want :slight_smile:

If you’ve played before, know that plexes were reworked a while back, read more here:

and here

EDIT: If you do want starter packs, you can find some here and other similar sites:

When you can get the Premium Edition on sale it is probably the best value CCP offers. It can only be used once per account. 24.99 for 30 days game time, a MCT certificate (you can sell if you don’t need to train an ALT), 650 PLEX plus assorted skins & apparel.

Currently on sale at Humble Bundle:

Do you happen to know if this works on older (2004), previously subbed, but currently Alpha state accounts? Is there anywhere where this can be checked? Thank you!

This is a direct quote from the pack @Do_Little linked:

Activation Notice:
This product can be used to upgrade an existing Alpha Clone account to Omega Clone state, if no previous Standard Pack or Premium Edition code has been activated.

I think you can use it on your 2004 account if you never bought such a pack before … but im not 101% sure … a dev/isd reply would help here.

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I have purchased the premium pack on sale for all my accounts. All but 1 were omega accounts several years old. The last was used to upgrade an alpha account. The only restriction is you can only redeem a premium activation code once per account. If you’ve used it before, you can’t use it again on the same account.

Ok, Thank you. I’ll give it a try. :+1:

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