Starter Packs

New Bro here,

Really liking the game so far and want to do Omega soon. Probably going to buy one of the advertised packs instead of just subbing for my first month. I have a question about your opinion on packs.

What are your guys opinions on the silver starter pack versus one of the career expert packs for bang for your buck? I’m leaning towards silver starter.

I think I might go the industrial or explorer path starting out but…I’m feeling the Silver Starter pack might be better for me with more skill points and a better booster and its relatively neutral in choice?

Thanks for your time people.

You receive some skillpoints and boosts, that’s ok esp. for a new player. But be aware you can only purchaxe this pack once per account.

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I purchuased the Silver pack on returning to the game and I feel I got my money’s worth. It’s a normal 30 day sub with bonuses for the same price, what’s not to like? You can always buy the other ones later if you really want those fancy outfits (the 500 mil ISK in PLEX is also nice).

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