*new* starter pack and bastion II

so to me this starter pack with 1m sp is new since i never looked at them before. am i able to buy it as a player who started in 2008? it does not say it is limited to new accounts that i can find.

i keep checking to see if a bastion II mod is in the game every once in a while but it still isnt. did the devs ever say why there wouldnt be one? i mean dreads have a t2 version so why not marauders which are, in some cases, more expensive to buy?

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The new ‘starter’ pack is purchasable on any account, once per account. There are other packs (Galaxy, Meteor etc.) that are also purchasable once per account.

Age or newness of the account doesn’t matter.

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Sure can.

But you can’t use the booster unless you have a less than 35 day (or something like that) old character on the acct. Not that that is even remotely why anyone is buying the pack. But I though in case you are the one in a million, I should mention it.

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already bought the pack after the other guy said it didnt matter. thanks for the reply. now i m just waiting to see if anyone knows about my t2 bastion question

theres another starter pack you can buy for 4.99usd
7 days of Omega, ensuring Double Training and many more benefits
250,000 Skill Points, giving you a head start in skill training
A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINs
Blood Raider apparel
Skill and Damage Booster (Cerebral Accelerator) - This item can only be used by characters younger than 35 days
but its not available on the ccp website, you can grab it from markeedragon
different contents so you can use it too

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