| DLC | - New Starter Pack - 🎯

I can’t find any restrictions. Can this only be used by Alpha Clones?

The full contents of this pack include:

  • 1,000,000 Skill Points
  • Skill and Damage Booster
  • A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINs
  • Blood Raider apparel


Not restricted to alpha, but there is some SP restriction, though I don’t know the SP level that is. Aimed really for new(ish) toons.

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The accelerator can only be used on new characters, but the skill points can be applied to any character.


The skill and damage booster only work for the first 30 days, i.e. a new-born. Once you’re OLDER than that, it doesn’t apply anymore.

I think it’ll work for Omega’s in the first 30 days as well, but I’m not sure.

It’s an implant, so it can be transferred.

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What about the 1,000,000 skill points?

Free to use on any char of the account. Doesn’t expire either.


FFS, learn to read!

" You can buy one of each pack at any time, but only once per account."

Buying it doesn’t mean you can use it dumba$$. You can buy Alpha injectors all day long…

Of course you can. It isn’t stated it is alpha only, does it?


My dyslexia doesn’t allow me to properly ingest what I read :lying_face:

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The restriction is that you can only buy one per account. Thought that was pretty clear.

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Do you mean digest?

Ingest would be reading it.

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That is a restriction…but are you saying that it’s the only one?


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  • 1,000,000 Skill Points --> can be added to any character
  • Skill and Damage Booster --> works on any character in the first 30 days (Alpha and Omega)
  • A stunning bundle of starter ship SKINs --> normal skins … use or sell
  • Blood Raider apparel --> normal Apparel … use or sell

only once per ACCOUNT not character



No, you! The starter package doesn’t contain a daily alpha sklill thingy. And evewn if it did an omega could sell it.

But it isn’t part of the starter pack!!!