Abort Invasion Starter Pack

It’s said that the new ‘Invasion Starter Pack’ will come in STEAM ,which contains a week’s worth of Omega premium access for quick skill development, a bonus of 250,000 skill points, and a Cerebral Accelerator. And i am willing to know whether the Pack only can be get for STEAM account? Or other people can receive it as well?


Seems to be only steam linked accounts, and I can’t seem to find how you would link an existing account to it… So if you played and have account from pre-steam then you can’t get the main rewards from this (the trash stuff you could make steam accounts and contract across but not worth it)

Not sure if its CCP driven (in which case it is stupid) or steam did it (in which case CCP might not have a say in it?)

No, only for steam account. And only one purchase per steam account.

Which is cool cause i got a free 250k Skillpoints, and a bunch of other stuff for free on my steam account.

Totally no way to abuse this, you guys. Totally no way to make 1000 steam accounts and sell the accelerators and make billions, nay, trillions of isk for free, guys.

Totally dont join steam, guys.

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You cannot link a regular account onto a steam account.

Also was kinda joking on that part, because the cerebral accelerators you get are actually the ones you can only access when you begin the game, i.e. your character needs to be less than 35 days old to activate, and its only a +3 accelerator, not like the +10s they used to have that lasted only like 3 days or something for new players.

But if you have a steam account, its definately worth getting this. My steam-linked EVE account has like 90 million skillpoints so the additional 250k was a nice bonus.

For everyone else, its kinda useless.

Funnily enough when you go to redeem the items it says:

“This item was purchased form the Eve Online website”

Feel like I’m being trolled.

Does a week worth of omega time exist in any form? because that would require CCP intervention as they only sell it in chunks of 30 days

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