I want to buy the steam premium pack for my non-linked account

(Irrib Nomadaj) #1

Hey Everyone.
So steam has this 50% off bundle, and I want to buy it, it would be my firsst time buying, I have only a couple of alpha accounts, but none of them is linked to my steam account (I tried to create one from steam and couldn’t). So I wish to know how does the steam bundle buying works, and if I can buy it for a specific account that is linked to the same e-mail that my steam account.

PLEASEEE the sale ends July 5th!

EDIT: I could create an account through steam now, does that mean that if I buy the bundle it will be for that specific account?

(ISD Stall) #2

Hi there,

The short version is steam and CCP Eve accounts are separate from a billing standpoint. Basically

  • If your account was created at Eve’s Account Management page, you cannot make purchases through Steam.
  • If your account was created through and is linked to your Steam account then you need to make the purchase there.

You could make an Eve Account with Steam to take advantage of the items. Once you have them you could send them to one of your more established characters, however Game Time cannot be sent to another character.

I hope that helps.