Returned, but New player: Should I make a new Account

Hey folks

I’d created an account via Steam a while ago, but didn’t really get very far. Don’t think I really even started the tutorial. Now with a bit more play time I wanted to give it a shot.

So far on this return I’ve run the tutorial, but not much else. Looking at the 4.99 starter pack that is advertised it said it came with a Cerebral Accelerator, but it was only good for accounts that were less than 35 days old. I’m not sure the real benefit of the item is, so I don’t really know the value.

Is it worth it to create a new account for that item if I purchase the pack?

If so, is there a way to create a new Steam account, or would I have to go another route?

If you’re happy with your character and acct, I wouldn’t worry about the Cerebral Accel offer pack.

Welcome back.

The accelerator will let you train a bit faster (270 skillpoints/hour) - a useful bonus but not worth creating a new character unless you want an ALT. Take advantage of the current event to earn 10K to 50K skillpoints/day by shooting rats. Look for hideaway or drone cluster anomalies - they’re easily cleared by new players.

In my opinion, the million skillpoints in the starter pack is worth the price. Don’t allocate them all at once - wait until there is a skill you really need and apply the points to that.

Good luck.


Welcome back !
As said previously, it’s not really worth it to create a whole new account just for a cerebral booster. And since it has that speciality of only applying to players younger than 35 days, I don’t even think it’s worth to sell it.

However, this pack also contain some SKINs for frigates often used by new players, but the most important is the 1.000.000 skillpoints offered with the pack. It can get you very far ahead and complete vital skills, such has fitting ones, to make your start a little bit easier.

I don’t recommend spending everything in one go, but if you’re looking for skills to train, check out the Magic 14, fourteen skills that apply to virtually any vessels in the game, and from which you’ll get serious buffs.

Have fun starting in EVE Online ! And don’t forget : we’re here to help you :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! All your replies have been very helpful.

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