Value inside the Industrialist Career Pack

Today on the Eve launcher there is a link to the following pack which brings up a question to ask;

Do you see value within that pack?

Before I am able to agree that it seems to be I feel the need to look at what’s on offer along with following up on the items both ingame and on the eveonline website.

1 x Item that is said to be included is a BASIC CEREBRAL ACCELERATOR yet the website that was updated doesn’t include details on this and the item on the market is named differently. Is there limitations for use or can any capsuleer apply it to their pilot and lastly can it be traded?

Cerebral Accelerators July 01, 2022 23:24
Standard, Advanced and Prototype Cerebral Accelerators can sometimes be available through offers.

Final thought it does seem appealing though I am still liking the Silver Starter Packs.

May I ask you what are your thoughts on that Industrialist Career Pack? vs paying the omega the normal way? (Not comparing to the RAF method)

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It’s still not what I would call a great deal, however for $24.99, the 30 days Omega plus 100 Plex basically cover the cost of the pack (at non-discounted prices). So you’re getting the rest of the stuff for free/cheap.

Sadly CCP does tend to release multiple versions of cerebral accelerator without details how it works. The ones included in similar packs generally only apply to “new pilots” within the “first X days after creation”, with typically +3 or +5 to all stats, and for a few days duration.

However they have released some quite strong and long lasting accelerators in the past, so we’ll have to see the details on this one when someone buys it.

My rating: not a compelling offer, but an OK deal if you like cosmetics and don’t generally buy more than 1-3 months Omega at a time.


Also check out

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