3 Months Of Omega or Gold Starter Pack?

So i have 1200 PLEX but cant decide if i should buy 3 months of omega or the Gold Starter Pack.

This includes the Gold starter pack

Help me decide. What would YOU buy?
Poll 3 Months Of Omega or Gold Starter Pack? - Poll

Have someone made the mat of how much is worth this 2 options?

im coming back to play just for a few months for the aniversary


Looks like the starter pack is a better deal,

Just get the 3 month if you dont wanna devote any time that way you wont have all those assets


3 months of Omega.

In terms of SP: 3 months (90 days) of Omega (the 500k sp in the gold pack translates to roughly 10 days, totaling 70 days worth of Omega). If you consider SP the greater good, this is your pack.

For a combination of SP and ISK, depending on how the skins etc are delivered, the Gold Pack, provided you sell the extras.

Thanks for your opinions guys. Choice the 3 months because the skins dont worth it