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Soo I was looking at the packs from the starter pack to the platinum pack and when I looked at the plat pack I was tempted to buy it until I saw the tiny speck of 250k sp sure you get 90 days of omega and 1500 plex and a skin I don’t care for, but when I’m paying 90USD for a pack I expect to get a lot from it even those, money hungry mobile games give you more for a 90 dollar pack with the prices of the packs on the store for eve I feel like I’m being straight up scammed why? Because I only get 250k sp it would be fine if it was like 2-4mil but 250k!? You are kidding right? And why the hell just a skin why can you just give us the dekavac I’m dropping 90 bucks WHY IN THE HELL WOULD I WANT A SKIN THAT SELLS FOR 50% less than what it’s worth. Sincerely an eve player

ahh just FOR YOUR INFORMATION all the packs have the same 250k sp why I don’t know CSM you guys gotta do better with them packs I am deeply disappointed even black desert online gives you more for a 90USD pack and that game is the worst when it coms to $- ingame item conversions

Yes, the packs are terrible. The consensus is that CCP plans to discount them 50% during some special event(s) in the future. In the meantime they are willing to let suckers buy them for full price.

The packs aren’t terrible but you’re basically paying full retail for the omega time and PLEX. in my opinion the SP isn’t enough incentive - they’ve devalued it so much with free handouts over the past year people expect to get that much for logging in over a weekend. I’ll be waiting for the half price sales!

Yes, the packs are poor value. You’re better off simply purchasing subs and Plex for the same value and buying whatever you want with them.

Perhaps as Xeux said they might offer them at 50% off or through 3rd party retailers, in which case they would be a decent purchase. Although why you would create a pack that needs to be marked down 50% to create value is beyond me.

Not sure what the OP thinks these packs have to do with the CSM, though…

CCP shouldn’t be in the business of inventing SP out of thin air. Either with Cash or these events.

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CCP has been selling or giving away SP for a couple of years now - since they introduced Alpha daily injectors, and they were handing out cerebral accelerators for a couple of years before that. This devalues SP for veterans and gives new players a chance to catch up. I’m not opposed to that but would like to see a mechanism more focused on new players - perhaps grant skills for completing career missions.

I’m very aware, I said that was a bad idea way back then too.

Uh, when did the CSM start designing what goes in starter packs for new players?

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thats what one of the people I tride to yalk to them about it said it was a CSM thing

that would be good

Well, just for future reference, the CSM doesn’t design anything at all. They don’t even have much input on what CCP puts into the game.

The CSM is mostly a dog-and-pony show that CCP invented so they could pretend they really are in touch with the needs of the player base.

(With all due respect to the players and CCP staff who put actual time and work into the CSM. Not deriding their admirable efforts, just pointing out the actual ‘effectiveness level’ in my own opinion.)

CCP comes up with some ideas and changes, gets them 90% programmed (which in CCP terms means they are 50% functional), invites the CSM, shows them what they have in the works, and says “Okay what do you guys think? Is this approach good?”. CSM tells them what they think. CCP ignores 90% of what the CSM tells them and focuses on the least relevant 10% so they can say they “implemented changes according to feedback from the players”.

Then CCP says “Okay what do you guys on the CSM think we should focus on next?”. CSM tells them, CCP ignores 80% of that and focuses on the 2 things that agree with what they were going to do anyway. Then CCP can say “We are developing the game in the direction indicated by the players”.

That’s my take on what the CSM is for, anyway.

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If you put in a ticket about it, the GMs likely said it was a CSM issue - because that’s their go to response to any kind of player complaints about game mechanics. But the CSM didn’t design these packs.

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