Get rekt with the great pack

I took a look to the new packs and I just don’t understand…

90$ for 3 month Omega + 1500 plex when the subs is 10.95$ (12 months) and Plex is 1430 for 50$ (2860 for 100$ /2)…

That seems promoting short term subs instead long standing subscription. This business decision make no sense to me…

Your new packs are canned sh*t :face_with_monocle:


It’s a CCP thing.

Not sure what the issue is? A quick look says 3 month sub is approx. $40, and 1500 plex is worth approx. $55.

So yes, only CCP could invent ‘special deal’ packs that include $95 worth of stuff 'for the special price of $90!!!" , but I don’t see how this promotes short subs over long? There is no actual deal here. Unless you mean they should have had a pack that includes 6 or 12 months.

I think you actually save more on a 6 or 12 month sub already than these ‘deal packs’ offer.


its Korea f2p tactics hitting the brick wall of speadsheets in space cold hearted calculation.

Korean overlords are not use to a community this serious about numbers. That stuff works well in most games though…I understand the attempt…but they are gonna need to do better in this game space.

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It’s South Korea. What did you expect? Of course there’s gambling, ■■■■ packs and annoying UI changes inspired in mobile games.

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The Platinum pack has 6 months of subscription value, with half of it in PLEX in hopes that buyers will spend it on other stuff. But if you do use the 1500 to extend your sub to the full 6 months, it’s USD$15/mo PLUS you also get a ship skin that may be exclusive (I haven’t looked to be sure) which could rise in value, and 250k sp, which both add value over a standard 6 month sub.

If a player is thinking about spending this much at once on EVE, I hope they are looking into the more predictable value and lower monthly price provided by the 6 or 12 month sub. The other stuff is nice, but with the massively increased pace of offers (SP and skins, trinkets) available to every player who will simply log in - the extra stuff in the Platinum pack is (I agree) not that special.


Still waiting for a 6mo/12mo subscription sale. It has been well over a year (2019 saw no regular 12mo subscription sale)…

They had a sale on 12 month subs around Halloween time. 10% off. That was when I renewed mine.

This randomly occured to me on google:

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Noticed these packs had changed, which is the best pack to purchase based on value do you think?


Searching for the what the ship skins look like before deciding as I think they are the deciding factor here with these packs.

Looked at the 9.99 pack at see an est 315plex value with that pack. (though the outfit is unique)
ie; 60 Plex + 125plex (1/2" cost of a Large Skill Injector converted to plex) + 55plex ship skin + a new outerwear guessing 75plex value with that unique apparel.

I purchased the 10 pack cause I saw value in that for a low price spend.

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It’s a trick - the correct decision is to not buy any of them.

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I think he still has the good old packs.

I had spent 10 bucks, what’s 10 bucks when I can finely change what I am wearing.

Aren’t there dozens of free outfits? So long as you are having fun, go for it.

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Ill just stick to recurring.

Never know when I might need to cancel

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3 of my 4 accounts were Alpha clone when the DDoS SP reimbursement was offered which gave them 100,000 SP’s while my 1 Omega account got 250,000 SP’s plus the 100,000 Alpha SP’s.

So since the DDoS SP reimbursement offer was still active, I bought each of my 3 Alpha accounts the $22.99 Silver Pack:

250,000 Skill Points
30 Days Omega
110 PLEX
4x Destroyer Ship Skins (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar)

So afterwards I logged in those 3 accounts and the DDoS Skill Point Reimbursement for Omega gave each account an extra 250,000 SP’s for a total of 500,000 SP’s, 30 Days Omega, 110 PLEX and 4x Destroyer Ship Skins.

In my opinion that was a good deal.

For the next couple of days, Alpha accounts can purchase the Silver Pack and still collect the Omega DDoS SP Reimbursement offer:

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