Omega+MCT 50% sale

For the last 2-3 years, I have used the Omega+MCT 50% off quarterly sale. It does not seem to have been renewed this quarter. I love this sale and it is what allows me to play at the level that I do.

I am well aware that CCP is a business and that sales are optional but an announcement or something would have been nice so that players who count on it could have known to look at other options. I am mostly upset because it had been a regular occurrence for years and not a once-in-a-while thing. Now I am in the unpleasant position of having to decide whether to continue having two accounts or not.

Does anyone know what happened and/or if it will be returning?


They probably didn’t do it because they ran a fanfest sale.

Only CCP

Also waiting for this or something similiar as an alpha at the moment… Hope theres some sales with Crimson Harvest

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If you like, I can buy some subs at full price.

Because every time I do, an Omega + MCT sale starts the next day.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I have it on good authority that the sale will be coming in the next year or two.

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Tbh I found the year package quite affordable in my situation.

Can never imagine someone being so… blind and give CCP 20$ a month. Surely hopefully shoppers are smarter than CCP and I hope they know the concept of buying in bulk like Cosco/wholesaler stores.


it’s 50% off tomorrow

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This is double edged sword. I was PLEXing only by a month before because I didn’t know how long will I commit to the game. I expected I will lose interest and yes it happened and I had half a year break. If I PLEXed for whole year I would spend more PLEX actually.

This year I am PLEXing 3months because I know I will commit for at least that long though.

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Some people are simply not in the financial position to make that sort of commitment. I respect that and I am grateful that I am.

And I stand corrected and it will in fact be starting back up tomorrow. I tried to voice my frustration with respect and I understand now that it was probably delayed due to Fanfest shenanigans.

Thank you CCP for continuing to offer this sale every quarter. It helps keep me in the game.

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I suspect that some sort of sale is coming up because as soon as i put up a buy order for PLEX it gets filled (They are not fat finger). I dont know if anyone is experienceding something similar.

It could mean that insiders are selling plex. but who knows

I thought you quiet the game.


Well! Now it was announced in the latest Pulse episode!
Weird thing is though… Can’t see the bundle in Eve Store, atleast not yet.

There was a recent MCT sale.

Also there was several omega sales recently (I think one every 3 months or so, did not have time to get plex between the sales)



When sale for paying with plex

I think there was two recently.
I think 2 month ago ?

Why doesn’t CCP have a sale on Gametime only? I’d buy that, but the MCT doesn’t attract me.


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Those are a bit rarer.

Can’t have plexers winning the game.

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